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St. Louis, Missouri

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My name is Sean Medley, and I hold a BS Degree in Digital Animation. I am currently working remotely from St. Louis, for a small town cable station in the Southwest, doing Graphic Design and Animation projects for various shows and billboards. I am hard working, dependable, and have excellent references. I am very interested in a Graphics Design or 3D Modeling position. I am first and foremost an artist and an aesthete. I have an eye for design, and my clients have all been very satisfied with my work. My calling is to create beauty, and it is my hope that you will find my vocation beneficial and complementary to your vision.

• Graphic Design
• 3-D Animation
• Digital Effects and Compositing
• Digital Video Editing
• Production Studio
• Digital Imaging
• 2-D Animation
• Storyboarding and Scriptwriting
• Concept and Character Development
• Traditional Animation
• Mac OsX
• Windows

I have been in the industry since 2009.

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