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MIL.SPEC. is owned by Senior Armourer/Military Advisor Lance Peters. Having had 16 years military experience Lance started in the Film industry in London, UK and now has extensive international armoury experience in Europe & Africa. He is now based in Cape Town South Africa with International offices in the UK, Namibia and South Africa.

We provide Armourer Services, Uniforms, Firearms, Technical Props, Training & Boot camps to the Film, TV & Event Industry. MIL.SPEC. specialise in providing trained Special Forces and SWAT Teams with head to toe props and uniforms, and related special effects to TV & Film productions. We also design & manufacture specialised weaponry & props.

We have been in the industry since 1993.

Laconia - TV Movie- MIL.SPEC. Builds 4 inch Cannon
Added on 9/25/2011

Armoury & Props Company MIL.SPEC. - built a 4 inch Cannon for a TV Movie - "Sinking of the Laconia", designed and built by Lance Peters, Senior Armourer/Military Advisor www.milspec.co.za

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