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Smalltown Media, LLC, based in Katy, Texas (just outside of Houston), specializes in custom safety training videos for manufacturing, petroleum, construction, and industrial corporations. We are a full service media production firm offering turn-key video production, script and storyboard services, duplication & packaging services, and a full range of graphic design, print layout, web design, and multimedia presentation services.
With Smalltown Media, custom means custom. When we produce a safety orientation video for your company you can be sure it will feature your corporate identity, your facilities, your employees, and your policies and procedures. Safety training is a vital and necessary component for any safe work site, and no one takes this more seriously than we do at Smalltown Media. We strive to produce our videos with excellence, energy, and just the right touch of entertainment. After all, if your audience sleeps through your safety presentation, you may have fulfilled an obligation but no one will be any safer. Our goal is to deliver high energy, memorable, and engaging safety videos that capture the attention of visitors, contractors, and employees - and do so in a way that perfectly caters to your company's goals, needs, and in a way that is especially friendly to your budget.
We offer 3 basic packages - all based strictly on the amount of preparation work you & your company are willing to take on before handing your project to our team. Regardless of the package you select, Smalltown Media delivers broadcast quality, fully customized productions rich with effects, titles, & transitions. For our two primary packages we also include animations at no extra cost.
For $1,000 per finished minute (PFM) Smalltown Media will sit with you and work through your Safe Operating Procedures (SOP's) and translate them from legal jargon into conversational dialogue. We will also create a series of storyboards and a shot list, all before capturing anything on film. Through script readings and revisions, you have complete control over the length (and therefore the costs) of your project before we even begin to film. We also provide you with 100 copies of the DVD.
For $500 PFM Smalltown Media will film and produce your video for you. The difference? You develop the script and the shot list. We believe the scripting process is the most tedious portion of the project, so we offer this substantial discount to companies that need to or have already done the work up front.
We also have a third option but prices tend to vary more depending on the amount of editing and effects work needed.
Visit our website to learn more about the various services offered by Smalltown Media and to view our different project portfolios.

We have been in the industry since 2005.

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