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With over 15 years of experience, TransPerfect is the premier provider of language and business services to production companies worldwide. Some of our clients in this industry include ABC, Disney, NBC Universal, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Warner Bros.

These companies trust TransPerfect because we offer an ISO 9001:2000-certified quality management system, 24/7 client service, and a full suite of integrated multimedia solutions. Our extensive portfolio of projects ranges from providing on-site bilingual supervisors for motion picture productions to furnishing voiceover and subtitling services for virtually any platform. We have the resources, exacting standards, and experience to provide the ideal multilingual solutions to meet your needs.

Choose from a range of valuable services, such as:

* Professional Voice Talent: We can source talent in over 100 languages directly to your studio. All of our voice talents are native speakers with years of experience, and we have access to both union and non-union actors.

* Bilingual Supervisors: We can source bilingual supervisors directly to your studio to ensure accurate expression of the script copy, provide cultural expertise, ensure proper timing and delivery, and direct the talent accordingly during the session.

* Copy Adaptation and Translation: We can properly adapt or translate your script in over 100 languages to effectively convey the message, concept, and tone of the original.

* Transcription and Script Review: We can transcribe your existing audio/video content to ensure proper timing for voice-over localization or subtitling, as well as review and adapt existing scripts for timing and technical purposes in any language.

If you aren't currently offering your clients multilingual services, TransPerfect Multimedia is your one-stop solution to help expand your business.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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