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Jared Chung Lundy founded Checkmate Films in 2006 to help propel the independent musician to market themselves to a broader audience. With a solid background in producing Hip-Hop music, he noticed a niche in the way struggling musicians were attempting to expose themselves. Around the turn of the new millennium he began pursuing the dream of becoming a unique filmmaker. While filming artist concerts, music videos, skits, and the daily lives of the hustle to "make it" in the industry he developed a love for the art and beauty of telling stories through film.
In the year 2004 he relocated to Southern California to expose himself to new opportunities and challenges. While studying television production and AVID non-linear editing at Goldenwest College in Huntington Beach, Jared started networking himself into this highly competitive, yet rewarding industry. After school he began an internship at Torrance Community Television, he soon moved into a position at Warning TV where he honed his production skills while expanding his network connections. After about a year he put a solid plan together and started Checkmate Films; the rest, well... is history!

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