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I am a professional filmmaker with more than 25 years of experience. I have directed many movies, documentaries, fiction and short films with success. The finest of my movies, Noora, has been screened in film festivals in over 40 countries around the world and has won several awards. A hardworking, reliable, and enthusiastic person with a diverse range of experiences in film and video editing, I have worked with a variety of editing techniques including 16mm films, videos, and digital editing. In addition, I am a skilled videographer, as I have shot different films. I have been freelancing since 2007. I've worked as a videographer on all kinds of productions including fictions, documentaries, network programs and news. I recently moved from Britain to Jacksonville, FL. For more information and full filmography go Google or Wikipedia at:

Here is a short fiction film as a sample at:

I would love to work with you and bring my years of experience.

Falcon's Blood Diamond
Added on 8/28/2010

A few investors come together to see the exquisite diamond that was found in Africa by Falcon who used their investments. It seems that everybody has a plan to obtain the diamond. During the film all…

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