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I grew up in South Florida enjoying the beaches, multi-cultural atmosphere, team sports, and natural aura of the area.
I was drawing and painting at a young age, then completed my first screenplay in 1999, as my love for comedy was finally put down on paper.
A strong family work ethic kept me out of trouble, as I went on to graduate from the University of Central Florida in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Shortly after I completed my first novel entitled "BodyBag".
After a brief stint in graduate school at Florida Gulf Coast University, I moved on, becoming a successful real estate agent who later hit rock bottom after my investment properties plummeted in value during the economic down-turn.
I then decided to take my writing to the next level, as I maxed out all my credit cards, sold off all my belongings, turned my soon-to-be foreclosed properties into movie sets, and acquired a small army of homeless people who helped me create my first film.
Soon after, I attended Full Sail University's school of Film, obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree with a 3.5 GPA and the coveted "Course Director's Award" in editing. I also executive produced, edited, and directed four music videos, an hour long pilot show that I also wrote, and an award winning documentary which I also ran camera on while in Orlando. I also finished the acclaimed comedy screenplay "Banana Hammock" which was officially selected into a handful of major script fests as well.
Giving back was also important, as I worked with "SPARK" and the "Boys and Girls Club of Central Florida", providing heart-warming videos that I shot and edited for them at no cost.
I recently moved to Los Angeles to continue my love of the craft, and to also live up to the potential that I have worked so hard for over the years.
Staying humble in my endeavors is important in keeping focused on a quality product that people can enjoy watching, and escape their everyday stresses.


Nick Mosher

Demo Reel of Nick Mosher
Added on 8/28/2010
General demo reel briefly showcasing editing, green screen keying, camera operation, graphics, and stop motion animation. color correction, etc.

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