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About Us


Armed with professional-grade cameras, reliable aircraft, and thousands of hours of experience in aerial photography work, we’re ready to bring you stunning images from unbeatable angles.

We’re heavily experienced in the following aerial photography applications:

Offshore shoots of luxury yachts and performance powerboats.
Golf courses.
Real estate.
Land development and construction.
Sporting events.

If you’re a photographer looking for an aerial photography platform for your own work, one of our highly experienced commercial helicopter pilots will get you where you need to be, safely and efficiently.

--- VIDEO ---

Over the past two decades, we’ve provided aerial video services and coverage for:

Major TV network shows and documentaries.
News networks.
Offshore Powerboat Races.
Small/independent media company productions.

For every project, we strive to fully understand your artistic vision, and carefully plan our flights to both safely and efficiently deliver the shots you need to tell your story.


Use our Aerial Exposures camera mount outfitted with four KS-8 gyros to ensure smooth, stable video from our helicopter. The mount can accept cameras up to 30lbs in weight, and isolates the camera from helicopter vibration.


We operate large-scale, professional-grade unmanned aircraft (drones) for applications where helicopters wouldn’t be a good fit.

Our custom unmanned aircraft carry quality cameras on a vibration-free brushless gimbal, actively neutralizing all aircraft movement for incredibly stable video.

Unlike many drone operators who use small 4-motor aircraft, we use 8-motor drones for full redundancy in the event of a motor or prop failure.

We also carry full liability insurance, and all our operators are fully-licensed helicopter and Part 107 UAS pilots, so you can rest assured your project is in safe hands.

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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