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Simone Fojgiel was born in Montevideo, Uruguay. Her love for music and radio brought her to unexpected experiences along her life.

In her childhood years, school teachers noticed in Simone a potential kid who could share her artistic abilities in special events, making her sing and play piano in front of hundreds. Her parents also encouraged her to participate in several TV shows and contests, too.

While being a teenager and after burning her foot during summer camp, Simone discovered her fascination for radio broadcasting. She couldn’t stop listening to her favorite stations while her foot was healing and resting on a chair for a month and a half. That accident led her to a brand new world that somehow helped to project her future in the media world.

Her older sisters, Laura and Gaby, contributed to her fine appreciation for outstanding US and UK Rock and Pop bands. In fact, their LP’s and 45’s were a key factor in the musical upbringing that later Simone would share with thousands of listeners on the air.

During her college years as a Mass Communication student, Simone was the opening act at one of the most popular pubs in Montevideo. On the keyboard she performed Simple Red, The Police, INXS, Fleetwood Mac and others great classics adding her personal mark with her voice. Her success on stage led her to write her own songs and record them at professional studios. Unlike other musicians in her country, Simone wrote all of her songs in English. She was lucky for being seriously considered by music programmers at two FM stations, who played her singles regularly at night.

But the most important song Simone wrote and recorded in her life came up to be her definitive entrance to the broadcast media in Uruguay. It was actually a jingle for her favorite radio program which she humbly introduced to the CEO of the most popular FM station at the time. Amazed by her talent, not only he thought her song had to be the official jingle for that program. He bought all the rights as well, and offered Simone to record some pilots for a possible job as a Radio/DJ Presenter. That was everything Simone could ask for!

Unfortunately, that day never came… at least, at that station. A few months later, Simone was hired by a different, new station –Océano FM. Throughout 13 years Simone’s voice became Océano’s trademark, and probably one of the strongest and solid radio presenters that station had since it was born.

At Océano FM Simone worked also as a DJ, Music Programmer, Creative Copywriter and Audio Producer. Océano was the most important school Simone attended along her life, and the place where she made her professional dreams come true. “Rumbo a las Estrellas”, her program, gave Océano a distinctive musical identity by playing a fine selection of the best, hard to find hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s from the US, UK and Europe. In fact, “Rumbo a las Estrellas” was the highest rated Classic Rock and Pop program for years in her country, and the most successful in its category in the past decade. Coincidentally, during her last stage at Océano, Simone received the Woman of the Year Awards, as Best Radio Presenter of 2004.

Simone is active in the global media market since 1992. Her career as a Voice Talent led Simone to record for important local and multinational brands as well. Gillette, Levi’s, Maybelline, Visa, Mastercard, Ballantine’s, McDonald’s and other multinational corporations hired her services. She even appeared on TV Commercials as the main character, too.

Many radio and TV campaigns in which she was the main voice were winners at the Clio Awards, The New York Festival, Cannes, and other Latin American important Advertising events.

Besides, Simone worked as the Star Correspondent in Uruguay for The World Chart Show (produced in Burbank, CA) for many years. Her reports about local musicians helped to promote Uruguayan talents in more than 250 leading stations around the globe. She also was correspondent for Comunicación Publicitaria, for which she covered the famous Clio Awards (like the Oscars of Advertising) in San Francisco, CA.

Since 2005, Simone is exclusively dedicated to Voice Over Recordings, Audio Production and English/Spanish translations. Since then, she became the most exported Uruguayan voice around the globe, especially in the United States, accumulating an amazing list of clients that keeps on growing everyday.

In 2006 she got married in the US and lives with her husband in Milwaukee, WI. Simone believes that she’s reached a peak in her career that wouldn’t have believed to come true a decade ago. “Deep in my heart I always knew there was a world outside ready to be reached. I didn’t care I was born and lived in a small country in South America. I was sure that somehow my voice was going to be heard far beyond those frontiers”, she says. “I feel blessed every single day that this profession is my way of living, and that my talent is appreciated by such important corporations on a regular basis”, she adds.

There’s a bright future ahead in Simone’s career. “I always keep this thought that keeps me moving forward: ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’”.

I have been in the industry since 1991.

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One of a series of 8 commerciales produced and broadcasted in Ecuador.


We have used Simone on several projects. Perfection.

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Excellent work plus very quick turn-around time and very fair rates. What's not to like? And my clients like her too!

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Simone, in addition to having a nice, resilient and satisfying voice, is a reliable professional with an excellent turn-around time. She is also likeable and easy to deal with. Yes, I recommend her.

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