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If you have ever seen extreme slow motion footage on your television - maybe some slow-motion blood spatter from your favorite cop drama - or a super slow motion replay of a golf swing, home run, forehand winner, or left hook during your favorite sporting event – or if you are a fan of Discovery’s Time Warp TV series (THE high speed imaging show) – chances are you have seen the work we do here at Tech Imaging Services. Tech Imaging has been providing outstanding slow motion imagery since 1982. In 2006 we were awarded the prestigious George Wensel Outstanding Innovative Technical Achievement Emmy for our development of high speed imaging in sports broadcasting (for CBS SwingVision).
What makes Tech Imaging unique in the TV broadcast and motion picture industry? Simply, we are the only company that expressly lives and breathes in the High Speed Imaging world. We are not simply a broadcast rental house that purchased a High Speed camera, but rather, we are high speed camera industry insiders who have found the best way to convert a myriad of high speed camera systems into broadcast-worthy tools.
We don’t offer a one camera system solution. Because we are an independent distributor of several high speed cameras systems from several of the leading camera manufacturers, we can customize our high speed solutions based on the system that is right for your application. Motion pictures, TV commercials, live replay broadcast sporting events, TV series, corporate PR videos, music videos and even interactive museum exhibits – all present different challenges and all require customized solutions. We can provide you with the proper resolution, frame rate, record media, and price point solution for your particular needs.
Please contact us if you are interested in high speed camera rentals of Photron high speed cameras systems or Phantom camera rentals

We have been in the industry since 1983.

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