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Lenses for cinematography from Carl Zeiss have helped to create distinctive images in many famous movies and have already received three Technical Academy Awards. Our objective is to provide movie makers with lenses that open up entirely new creative possibilities. ZEISS offers a lens solution for every application or budget.

With our partner ARRI we have been working on the development and manufacture of our high-end cine lenses for more than 70 years. The Master Prime super-speed lenses are both fast and have an optical performance surpassing that of all standard speed primes. Master Prime lenses open up new creative opportunities of film making. Ultra Prime lenses have the widest focal range of prime lenses giving you the flexibility to get the coverage you want. The Ultra Prime lenses are lightweight standard speed lenses that are a perfect optical match to the high speed Master Prime lenses.

The new ZEISS Lightweight Zoom LWZ.3 21-100 mm/T2.9-3.9 T* zoom lens (ZEISS LWZ.3) offers you superior image performance for every shooting situation. Whether a short film, TV movie, commercial, corporate video or high-end documentary, the ZEISS LWZ.3 is a powerful, and trustworthy companion on the front of your camera.

The Carl Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 lenses members of the ZEISS family of lenses for digital and film cameras. These lenses deliver great flexibility by introducing interchangeable mounts that allow the lenses to be used with a wide range of cameras from traditional cine to HDSLR systems.

Our manual focus SLR lenses complete our lens range. They offer a harmonic image even under low-light conditions. With digital SLR cameras these lenses show crisp images throughout the entire range. The very smooth focus allows perfect follow focus applications.

We have been in the industry since 1890.

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