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Serving all of Central Florida, Orlando, West Palm Beach, Daytona, Tampa, and Gainesville. Award Winning Producer & Emmy Nominated Cinematographer Jeremiah Baumbach is a graduate of the University of Central Florida’s Film Program. He has worked various freelance and full-time positions within the entertainment industry for over 15 years in addition to teaching film and television techniques at the college level for over a decade. He is also a Final Cut Pro Certified Trainer.

*** Camera Packages Available - Sony EX3, Sony NX5, BlackMagic URSA, URSA Mini Pro & 4K Production Camera, Zeiss PL Mount Primes, Canon 7D HDSLR, & GoPro Hero5 ***

*** Lighting / Grip Equipment Rental Packages available. ***
Arri, Kino, Dedo, & Lowel, (HMI, Tungsten, Fluorescent, & LED)

*** 11Ft EZFX Jib, 5Ft Slider, 60ft Camera Mast, Kenyon Systems KS 6X6 Gyro, MicroDolly Hollywood, Car Mount ***

* Final Cut Certified Trainer
* Camera Operator for Various PBS (Public Broadcasting) Projects
* Freelance Photographer

Associations / Organizations:
Women in Film and Television

Awards / Honors:
* Emmy Nominated Cinematographer for Comcast OnDemand HorrorscapeS Channel
* Emmy Nominated Cinematographer for Eco Weekends - Eco Tourism TV Pilot
* Videographer Award of Distinction
* Mar Com Award Winner
* Multiple Telly Awards

I have been in the industry since 1999.

Added on 2/18/2017

Jeremiah Baumbach is an Emmy Nominated Cinematographer with over 15 years of experience in the entertainment industry. He has been a digital media trainer for over a decade.

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Gaffer – Susie's Beast
November, 2017 — November, 2017
Short Film – Sunfire Films
Cinematographer – Convertible Chair
March, 2017 — March, 2017
Commercial – Home Shopping Network
Cinematographer – Laundry Doc
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Commercial – Home Shopping Netwrok
Cinematographer – Epicor - Testimonials
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Online – Pinnacle Media
Cinematograhper – Green Screen Testimonials
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Corporate – Epicor
Cinematographer – Laundry Doc
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Commercial – Home Shopping Network
Videographer – Orlando ADDY Awards
February, 2017 — February, 2017
Corporate – AAF
Videographer – BRT Exercise
January, 2017 — January, 2017
Corporate – LYNX
Videographer – BRT Exercise
January, 2017 — January, 2017
Online – LYNX
Gaffer – Susie's Beast
November, 2016 — November, 2016
Short Film – SunFire Films
Videographer – Automation Nation
November, 2016 — November, 2016
Corporate – SkyMill Studios
Cinematographer – GoVision Glasses
November, 2016 — November, 2016
Commercial – Home Shopping Network
Videographer – Interregional Olympic Development Program
November, 2016 — November, 2016
Other – US Youth Soccer
Gaffer – Tapfin ManpowerGroup Solutions
October, 2016 — October, 2016
Corporate – Tapfin
Cinematographer – Live Looks
October, 2016 — October, 2016
Commercial – Remington College
Cinematographer – Leaving The Ghost Boat
October, 2016 — October, 2016
Music Video – Brutss64
Cinematographer – Dexter Williams
October, 2016 — October, 2016
Online – Bleacher Report
Cinematographer – Lap Desk / Hanging Armoire
September, 2016 — September, 2016
Commercial – QVC
Cinematographer – Dual Tool
September, 2016 — September, 2016
Commercial – Home Shopping Network
Cinematographer – Jaurez Parks
August, 2016 — August, 2016
Online – Bleacher Report
Gaffer – David Jolly
August, 2016 — August, 2016
Commercial – Political Ad
Cinematographer – GA Foods
August, 2016 — August, 2016
Corporate – GA Foods
Cinematographer – Yoga Mat
August, 2016 — August, 2016
Commercial – Liquid Balance
Cinematographer – Peach Tree Resort
August, 2016 — August, 2016
Corporate – Wyndam
Cinematographer – Carry All Bag
July, 2016 — July, 2016
Commercial – Home Shopping Network
Gaffer – ABC-CLIO
June, 2016 — June, 2016
Corporate – ABC-CLIO
Videographer – IT Nation
June, 2016 — June, 2016
Corporate – SkyMill Studios
Cinematographer – Off The Couch & Into The Pasture
May, 2016 — May, 2016
Feature – Eye of a Horse
Cinematographer – Naked & Afraid - Bares All
April, 2016 — April, 2016
Television – Renegade 83
Cinematographer – Unexpected Intruder
March, 2016 — March, 2016
Short Film – Sealy Productions
Gaffer – Tableau Spot
February, 2016 — February, 2016
Corporate – Mighty Media Studios
Videographer – Nike Opening Regional
February, 2016 — February, 2016
Other – Bleacher Report
Cinematographer – Horse Being
February, 2016 — February, 2016
Feature – Documentary
Videographer – National Championships
December, 2015 — December, 2015
Online – US Youth Soccer
Cinematographer – The Ferryman
October, 2015 — October, 2015
Short Film – C.A.H.
Cinematographer – The Book Club
July, 2015 — July, 2015
Short Film – Everest University
Cinematographer – Cornerstone at Longwood
July, 2015 — July, 2015
Corporate – Madison Realty
Gaffer – Miss America
July, 2015 — July, 2015
Commercial – Live Star Entertainment
Gaffer – The Hub On Canal Street
June, 2015 — June, 2015
Online – Non-Profit
Videographer – Communities of Excellence (Florida)
May, 2015 — May, 2015
Corporate – The Pen Group
Gaffer – David Leadbetter for the M-Tracer
May, 2015 — May, 2015
Commercial – Epson
Videographer – Songs For A New World
April, 2015 — April, 2015
Live Event – Non-Profit
Cinematographer – Naked & Afraid - Bares All
March, 2015 — March, 2015
Television – Renegade 83
Cinematographer – Aerosim Flight Academy
March, 2015 — March, 2015
Corporate – Iron Pixel
Cinematographer – Real Graduates
March, 2015 — March, 2015
Commercial – Remington College
Cinematographer – Cheap Date
July, 2014 — July, 2014
Short Film – Everest University
Cinematographer – Total Zen Float
June, 2014 — June, 2014
Commercial – Total Zen Float
Cinematographer – Replace You
June, 2014 — June, 2014
Music Video – Robert Messing
Cinematographer – Lon Madnight's Midnight Movies
June, 2014 — June, 2014
Online – Alchemy House
Gaffer – Women In Space
April, 2014 — April, 2014
Television – Makers
Cinematographer – The Real Winning Edge
April, 2014 — April, 2014
Television – The Real Winning Edge
Camera Operator – World Vasectomy Day
March, 2014 — March, 2014
Online – Non-Profit
Cinematographer – Am I Awake
March, 2014 — March, 2014
Music Video – Contest
Cinematographer – Training
March, 2014 — March, 2014
Other – AutoNet TV
Gaffer – Promo
February, 2014 — February, 2014
Corporate – OCU
Cinematographer – Bonnet Creek Resort
June, 2013 — June, 2013
Corporate – Wyndham
Cinematographer – We Are Teachers
November, 2013 — November, 2013
Commercial – Remington College
Cinematographer – Las Pendejaces del Destino
April, 2013 — April, 2013
Short Film – Catharsis Productions
Cinematographer – Tech Center Programs
March, 2013 — March, 2013
Online – OCPS


Working with Jeremiah for the first time on a video interview project was a pleasure. He clearly excels in his craft, but in addition to his expertise and talent as a videographer, he is a natural, gifted "people person" who was always spot-on making our subjects comfortable, and getting the best reaction and conversations out of them. I highly recommend Jeremiah.

G.R. Brown

Jeremiah is a great pleasure to work with. He knows his craft and is very hard working. His contribution behind the camera is tremendous. I look forward to working with him on another season of Go Iguanas!

Michael Palance

Our nonprofit is an employment service for persons with disabilities in the State of Florida. We have been growing over the last few years and we are in the process of searching for grant opportunities. Jeremiah came to us at a time where our funding wouldn't allow for a professional documentary but if we were going to have a chance with acquiring a grant we would greatly benefit from one. Jeremiah showed both his compassion and passion by offering us an opportunity to acquire a documentary that will change our company forever. Jeremiah hit it out of the park with a film that captured the heart of our employees, the impact on those we serve a clear picture of the work we do for the community. We are grateful to Jeremiah and recommend him for any business that is searching for someone to tell their story.


Jeremaiah was fantastic! My non-profit used him to record sessions of our scientific conference. He had to troubleshoot multiple issues with difficult shots and many microphone sources on-site. His turnaround for our final product was lightning fast and he saved me so much time by uploading our videos to YouTube for me. Very responsive and affordable - great quality. Highly recommend.


I just worked with Jeremiah for the first time, and he was a pleasure to work with. Great attention to detail and very helpful on set. I would definitely recommend him for other jobs.

Cat Fletcher

Thank you so much for your professional work Jeremiah. The filming during our BreakfastSeminar in Orlando was super smooth. And the quality of the edit came out as very good quality. The whole process including communucation etc. went very well. Thanks again on the behalf of the whole Company!


We are based in Boston, MA and were shooting in Melbourne, FL. It was such a relief to find Jeremiah. He took a very pro-active approach in developing a light set up for our executive interview shoots and was nothing but helpful on our shoot day.


Jeremiah is excellent and could not have been more helpful or easier to deal with. He is good with clients and makes a real effort to accomodate client requests and changes to them.


If you want a dedicated, passionate professional who is all about the work... look no further. You will see your money on the screen. In my forty years in the business, I would have to rate my experience with Jeremiah as one of my best! 5 Stars!!

Gary Steele

Jeremiah was gaffer for a set of corporate interviews I did in Orlando. He was professional, efficient, and all-around excellent to work with. The final product came out great.

Miguel Duran

A great videographer! He is very professional and worked with my budget and needs for my shoot. We shot with a green screen and had great results. If we every shoot down in Florida again, he will get a call immediately!

Nicole Kunar

Found Jeremiah on ProductionHub, chatted and hired him as a Gaffer without ever meeting. He was A+ on set, great eye, attitude, and work ethic (even loading out in a downpour without complaint). I'd highly recommend him to other producers.

Chad Scarborough

I just worked with Jeremiah for the first time. Very refreshing to find someone who works as hard as I do, he "thinks" on his feet and understands what is needed for the next shot and gets it done. In today's world of "smaller" productions, Jeremiah is the perfect complement to your crew, he can do it all... and a great attitude to boot!

Lauzon Productions

I highly recommend Jeremiah. I travel to do small shoots across the country and often have to find local help sight unseen. Jeremiah was on time, courteous, and professional at all times. I would definitely hope that he is available if I ever need to shoot in the Orlando area again.

Mark LaCommare

Although I work in some aspects of the industry, I needed to strengthen my skills in digital cinematography. Jeremiah Baumbach is a talented, award-winning, patient educator who guided me to learn the modern technical aspects of digital cinematography.

He is really like a full-length feature film talent all-in-one because he is skilled at writing, planning, directing, producing, editing, sound, and more. He is a kind, creative person and he can put together a film shoot quickly with talent.

He has been nominated for an Emmy three times and I know he will win sooner or later. He is very dedicated to his craft and when I produce my next big project, I know I will hire him again and again.

Although Florida is lucky to have Jeremiah, I know he travels and the technology is easy to manage from a distance today so hire him no matter where you are located!

Dave Penn

If you are looking for a true Professional who really understands how much Cinematography adds to making a Film successful, look no further then Jeremiah Baumbach. He understands every aspect of what needs to be done to make your project the best it can be. I could not be happier with the work he did and the helpful advice he also brings. Don't waste your time on anyone else, Him and his crew are all you need to have an efficient and problem free shoot.

Producer/ Director
Spencer Sealy

Spencer Sealy

I met Jeremiah this year on a production. He brings passion and a creative eye to production. He's great with directing, lighting, and all things production. Best of all he has a great attitude.

Torch Studios

Jeremiah has handled three projects for us. In each case, we were extremely pleased by the quality of the results. In addition to his technical expertise and creative talents, Jeremiah is energetic, flexible and reliable, a self-starter with excellent problem-solving skills. He is the epitome of a true professional.

Alan Penchansky

I would highly recomment Jeremiah. He is very professional and is great with a camera. I hired Jeremiah for a 2 camera shoot with 1 operator and his work was flawless and my client was very happy with the results. I will use him again when I have work in the Orlando area.
Matt Snelson

Matt Snelson

I have worked with Jeremiah for over 16 years. He is my go to person for all video production. He simply gets the job done on time, on budget and with high production value. He carries a wide range of skills for producing, lighting and camera work, which allows me to run smaller and more efficient crews.

Jud Forman

I worked with Jeremiah on a shoot for my company Progress Software involving senior executives and multiple clients. He was very professional and helpful every step of the way; even though we had not met beforehand, I felt like we worked well as a team. I'm very pleased with the final product. I hope I have the privilege of working with him again.

Suzanne Rose

Jeremiah listened to the rather limited brief we had and fulfilled all expectations of the job that was required. He had a great attention to detail and made us feel completely at ease with the task we were giving him. This understanding meant we were able to deliver a great piece of work.

George Barker

Jeremiah did an amazing job for us. The actual shoot went great and the final cut looked outstanding! Would definitely recommend.


Jeremiah has done an awesome job for us over the past few years in an event coverage/sports one-man band capacity. He is always the professional and willing to go the extra mile while working within a non-profit budget. He is self-motivated and doesn't need hand holding through a project that he does from start to finish. He manages to switch between the ENG shots and creative b-roll seamlessly, which, in my experience, is rare to find.

Susan Hersey

Great shooter, editor and very reliable. Jeremiah has worked with me on several projects and has always delivered. Bob Montbleau, Advanced Video Productions

I have worked with Jeremiah several times and he is always my first choice when we film in Florida. He is conscientious and technically proficient. He is reliable as well as flexible. I highly recommend Jeremiah! -- Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly, Challenger Films, Atlanta GA

Dr. Diane Preston-Reilly

Jeremiah is an amazing talent who's detail-oriented and comes to the set prepared and ready to work. He's got incredible energy and focus and knows how to make visual magic. His sense for visual styling coupled with his advanced editing knowledge, makes for a very talented and technically astute cameraman...not to mention, he's easy to work with!

Farrah Jade

I highly recommend Jeremiah. He is professional, knowledgeable and creative. I have worked with him on many projects and will continue to use him for all future projects.

Great cameraman, we ask him at the last moment and he was right on time.
A video for SANOFI, and all the footage was really beautifuls.

With over a decade of experience, Jeremiah Baumbach has what it takes to fully produce any video. His skills in lighting, shooting, and editing make him a valuable asset to any team. He also has a very strong work ethic, so you can count on things getting done! I really can't recommend him enough!

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