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My name is Tyler and I’ve just moved back to Anchorage and am currently working as a part-time Adventure Photographer for the Outdoor Project and am looking for some extra work.

I spent a couple years working in the Video Sales Department at Glazer's Camera where I was able to develop a wide breadth of technical knowledge of most modern video-capable DSLRs, Canon's entire video line, audio recorders, and much more. I also spent a lot of time working on improving my still photography and sharpening my compositional eye.

Before my time at Glazer's Camera, and after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle, I spent a few years freelancing, predominantly as a camera op with a fair share of editing, and some minor producing work as well. I've also worked a fair amount of A/V gigs, and am no stranger to hauling gear, laying cable, and tackling whatever problems arise. I've worked with several different kinds of projectors and am pretty good at trouble-shooting them.

In addition to my technical camera knowledge, I have experience shooting in locations such as lava fields, rock walls, mountains, rain-forests, snowy alpine environments, motorcycle rallies, bouldering fields, and pitch-black caves. To help mitigate the hazardous conditions I often find myself in, I joined and trained with a Washington volunteer Wilderness Search and Rescue unit and will be joining the Alaska Search and Rescue Association. I intend to grow within that field, as well, and hopefully be able to use those skills in my photo/video work.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Tyler M. Yates



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I have been in the industry since 2006.

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