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I am an audio engineer based in Dallas, TX. I am incredibly passionate about the production industry, and particularly in audio technology. I'm also an electronics enthusiast, and excel at performing repairs of existing equipment as well as building unique pieces of equipment.

I have several years of experience in both live audio and recording. I have built my own home recording studio over the years. I also have experience working in clubs and venues, churches, theme parks, hotels, and at outdoor events. I am equally familiar with analog boards as well as digital boards, including hands-on experience with consoles such as the PM5D, M7CL, LS9, D-Command, DM1000/2000, OM1V, and more.

I'm also familiar with building systems from the ground up, and working with various outboard units including compressors, expanders, de-essers, gates, effects, parametric and graphic EQs, signal processors, PA system controllers, etc. I am able to build virtually any kind of cable that may be needed for the project whether it be banana plug, RCA, quarter-inch, XLR, NL2/3(powercon)/4/8, CAT5/5e/6, DB9, BNC, etc.

I am very adept with technology and can adapt quickly to new pieces of gear. I am not easily intimidated when working with unfamiliar equipment and given a bit of time to orient myself I can be ready to operate very quickly.

I have been in the industry since 2005.

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