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You've put more than your life into shooting the thing, you deserve to have it finished right. A movie is a living breathing child that needs to be properly fed, guided and nurtured. I will raise your baby right from import to export and everything in between.

I have been directing movies and shows for over 10 years and editing for almost as long. My work includes critically acclaimed plays and award winning films across the continent.

I have been in the industry since 2004.

Robert W. Hubbard
Added on 10/27/2010
My actor/editor reel.


I worked with Robert on several projects. Most notably, I named him as director for plays that I had written. I can comment on his artistic skill and instincts, his general work ethic, and how he works with others.

First of all, as a new playwright/producer putting together my first show, I was hesitant to hand my baby over to a director who wasn't me. After all, I knew Rob was a good actor and I was only vaguely aware of his emerging skills as a director. I was really nervous about the whole

A. R. Heskett


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