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Seattle, Washington

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I am a television production professional with 20+ years experience in all phases of production. I began as a photographer when I was 8 years old, moved into Super8mm in high school, majored in Broadcast Communications in college, and worked as a news photographer/editor/live truck operator for many years. Resisting attempts to “pigeonhole” me in newsrooms, I branched out into a wide variety of experiences with live productions, sports programming, corporate video, and documentaries. I have worked with magazine layouts, robotic camera systems, multi-projector slide presentations, and a myriad of other productions, presentations, and events. In many of my productions I have been a “one-man-band” – as a producer, writer, director, photographer, editor, and gfx designer.
I consider myself a storyteller first, the other positions I’ve held are merely vehicles for my art. I strive to be the best at what I do, no matter what that is. I believe I fulfill all your requirements as to job description and experience and know that I will delight your customers with my work.
I recently moved to the mainland from Hawaii looking for new challenges and achievements. As a recent divorcee, I am basically starting from scratch in a new market, finally striking out on my own. My future is wide open.

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