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Marc L Soucy is a composer and recording artist whose music can best be categorized as multi-stylistic electronic instrumental music. It does often however use acoustic sounds and even human voices at times depending on the piece. His music can be an ideal match for visual media, which has been said by many critics and music influencers. Versatile in his stylistic approach, he focuses on breaking down traditional boundaries between styles, while capturing a precise emotional message. Marc uses a huge array of virtual instruments and keyboard instruments to produce his compositions. He manually plays that large majority of the parts heard in most pieces.
He is currently releasing a series of singles that fit this description. The series is entitled "STIR : Soundscapes Evoking Realities Only Imagined"

"...clever patches of color and design that make these arrangements come to life. In fact, some of these compositions border on genius."
---Metronome Magazine

Marc's own words from his website marcsoucy.com:

"Music is first and foremost a pure expression of emotion. It can be terror; it could be bliss.
Impact and nuance of what can be complex emotions in an original piece of music is what I am after, no matter the style. It can be the emotion implied in a scene or event.
Sometimes it’s just an idea come to life."

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We have been in the industry since 1997.

Tashkent Club Fire
Added on 6/24/2024
This is the first single release in Marc Soucy's "STIR: Soundscapes Evoking Realities Only Imagined" series. (visual arts professionals please take note: "I am not nor do I pretend to be a visuals artist. My art is solely in the music. Anyone on Production Hub will be able to see my shortcomings in the visuals area. I provide this video to make the musical experience more complete for the listener. That said, if anyone is interested in fleshing out one of my music videos/concepts, I am of course very interested.") Video Premise: A young man—whose face we never see—takes a long and arduous trek from deep in the countryside where he lives, to finally visit his dream destination. Once there he meets an alluring young woman who wants to go dancing in the big fashionable club downtown. Later that evening they meet with an unpleasant and unexpected event in the big city. This video was conceived and produced by Marc Soucy, using original, licensed, animated, image-affected and other resources, including items courtesy of Pixabay, Videvo, Pexels The dance club scene was created in part using Imaginando VS “Tashkent Club Fire” ©2024 Marc L Soucy All music produced, programmed, and performed by Marc including the sounds of oud, dholak, tanbor, violin, and voices. Marc Soucy Music ASCAP

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