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Ben Hopkins helms a mobile DIT and post-production services company, Hueman Interest, specializing in data acquisition, workflow architecting, and post supervision for Digital Cinema productions.

Ben provides the on-set services and equipment required for secure digital cinema acquisition, integrated metadata, 4k/2k/HD & 3D playback, one-light dailies, sound sync and full editorial prep. Along with his experienced supervision, he can be of great value by coordinating a custom researched workflow with the camera and sound departments, and of course, right through post.

We often leverage overlapping post processes, traditional on-set disciplines and well-integrated equipment, saving valuable time and money for the client’s bottom line. We always work smarter before we work harder.

Commitments to workflow begin on set when footage starts rolling. So our long-term value is involvement at the pre-production stage, working with our clients to offer a sensible workflow for the job - one that supports creative vision while adhering to budgetary limits. Hueman Interest can be the hub of communication amongst the client, the DP, the editor, the DI supervisor and colorist, the VFX house and any other post professional in the chain to maintain security of footage, intelligence of storage, consistency of color, seamless match-back, and appropriate digital deliverable compressions.

At Hueman Interest, we also have unique relationships with trusted post professionals who have a great deal of experience with digital cinema workflow. Those partnerships compliment our workflow design and supervision in order to offer our clients the best quality, service and value.

We take pride in our depth of research and experiential knowledge surrounding current and anticipated digital cinema cameras along with their formats, acquisition systems and post workflow processes for 2D and stereoscopic 3D shooting. Among them are Panavision’s Genesis; Sony’s F950, F900, F35, SRW-9000PL, F23, SRW-5800, XDCam and EX formats; RED Digital Cinema’s RED One and EPIC; Arri Alexa Plus and D21; Silicon Imaging’s SI-2K; Panasonic’s VariCam and P2 formats; Vision Research’s PhantomHD; Aaton’s Penelope; GoProHD; S.two OB-1; Codex.

Typical data acquisition, DIT and on-set post services offered:

· Dynamic range check – waveform, histogram
· Log capture & LUT generation for video village
· On-set data backup security including LTO
· 4K/2K/HD on-set playback or dailies review
· 3D – Stereoscopic playback and verification
· Camera and scene metadata integration
· Scene grading for DP with CDL generation
· Transcoding for client dailies viewing copy
· Editorial dailies with one-light or better color correction
· Sync production sound with dailies
· Final Cut Pro, AVID or Premiere project setup for editor
· Footage deliveries for VFX shots
· DI supervision
· VFX Supervision on-set
· Post Production Supervision for entire post

On-Set Gear:
Packages – à la carte

Hueman Interest is built to scale. Some of our digital-cinema savvy clients simply need an experienced Digital Imaging Technician (DIT), Data Acquisition Specialist (DAS) or Data Wrangler for their shoot. They are happy to know that Human Interest has their back, with a competitive day rate and informed second-opinion about the planned acquisition and hand-off procedures, without the cost of workflow consulting.

So whether you simply need a trained and experienced professional to provide on-set RED backup and Red Rocket dailies, or your multi-format, multi-camera shoot requires the pre-production attention of researched and designed workflow procedures with on-set services and supervision, Hueman Interest has your interest at-heart.

Here are some of the common systems, software and gear we use to configure on-set packages for our clients.

· Mobile carts with clean power and battery backup for on-set DIT, DAS and post work
· Fast media card acquisition and duplication via Sonnet Qio - Dual CF, SxS, P2, SD & 4 independent bus eSata ports.
· Simultaneous checksum verified data backup (up to 4 copies)
· RAID 5 and 6 for high speed, large capacity and parity protected storage
· Uncompressed Live HD capture systems
· LTO-5 and LTO-4 archiving
· Red and Epic1 R3D playback – full debayer 4K, 2K or HD via Red Rocket
· Mobile Rocket enclosure with MacBook Pro for highly mobile Red workflows
· Red and Epic1 Dailies with sync sound & full quality accelerated transcoding via Red Rocket
· Dailies with sync sound and/or CDL creation for all digital cinema formats
· DaVinci Resolve, Foundry’s STORM1, RedCine X, ClipFinder and Glue Tools
· Truelight on-set workflow with CDL generation for facility dailies
· Flanders Scientific high-end 24” HD production monitor for viewing and grading - FSI LM-2460W - professionally calibrated with a spectroradiometer
· 2K viewing on a 30” Cinema Display through Blackmagic HDLink with 3D LUTs
· Cineform’s Neo3D for 3D stereo muxing, playback, grading, convergence, etc.
· Tangent Wave control surface for grading apps
· MacPro and MacBook Pro based packages allowing greater mobility
· Avid Media Composer 5, Final Cut Pro 7, Premiere Pro CS5, After Effects CS5
· Custom networked on-location systems
1when available from manufacturer

Whether your next production is for the cinema, independent, episodic television, broadcast commercial, documentary, music video, corporate, industrial or research, Hueman Interest is enthusiastically available to help you tailor a time and cost effective workflow.

Please give us a call for the opportunity to safely acquire your Digital Cinema footage with a streamlined workflow custom to your entire production, post and delivery needs.

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