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In my 20-plus years mixing sound I've mic'd up scores of celebrities from Jessica Alba to Robin Wright on movie sets from LA to the Bahamas, worked with Dan Rather in a Learjet over Oklahoma and Mike Wallace at Daytona International Speedway for CBS News' 60 Minutes, flown (inverted) with the U.S. Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, taken the pitch in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium, covered events in the White House Briefing Room, and chased down interviews in rural Mexico for a Fortune 500 client.

I've also helped tell many stories about "ordinary" people living extraordinary lives: struggling undocumented "dream kids" playing high school soccer and trying to build a future in the U.S. (Sound Supervisor on "Los Jets"/NUVO TV), 7 year-old amateur golf prodigies hoping to win a world championship ("The Short Game"/Esquire TV), and ambitious small business owners with long shot dreams to make it big ("Your Business"/MSNBC) - compelling stories with a rich emotional component.

Recently I've completed eight seasons of DIY Network's top-rated show "Salvage Dawgs" (60+ episodes) and three seasons of "Garage Gold" (37 episodes). These are fast-moving, sophisticated sound shows with multitrack field audio, multi-camera distributed audio/time code, and multiple cast members wearing wireless mics.

I'm comfortable working with everyone from A-listers to "street" people, and I pride myself on being an agreeable, easy-going member of the production team. I've been working with many of my clients for more than 20 years. You can trust me to get great sound.

I have a top-notch sound kit including a Zaxcom Nova mixer/recorder/wireless receiver, 4 frequency agile Zaxcom wireless transmitters and 6 frequency-agile Lectrosonics wireless systems (Blocks 24, 22, and 19) with a pair of extra block 22 receivers that can be shared with another mixer, Zaxcom Digital Stereo Hop , 6 TC sync boxes, 3 boom mics, smart slate, ComTeks, and more. All of my gear was bought new, by me, to ensure its quality and proper maintenance history. I was first in market to work the network ENG/EFP environment (1988), first to own an over-the-shoulder sound kit (1990), and first to own "in-bag" multitrack mixing and recording gear (2007). I take pride in my skills and knowledge base.

Thanks for taking an interest in me and my services. I hope we have an opportunity to work together - and tell your story.

Please refer to my website for more information:

You may contact me at brookslester@me.com or call 919-345-1996

I have been in the industry since 1989.

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