Escape to Nature

Praha - Zapad
Jesenice, Czech Republic 25242


About Us

Escape to Nature
International Award-Winning Documentaries specialized in underwater life, nature, travel, natives, culture, rituals, programs to protect animals and nature, and etc.
We got more than 70 awards at International film festivals around the world (USA, France, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and etc).
Escape to Mauritius (52')
Escape to Tahiti and Her Islands (52')
Escape to Saint Lucia (52')
Escape to Vanuatu (52')
Escape to Papua New Guinea (52')
Escape to Maldives (52')

Escape to Costa Rica (52' x 3)

Angels of the Ocean (4'24")
The Forest and Water (15')

We have been in the industry since 2008.

Underwater Showreel
Added on 2/9/2016
World of silence and incredible encounters. Take a little rest and enter the sea with us. We use several footage from our traveling around the world and filming the documentary series Escape to Nature.

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