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New York, New York


About Me

I’m Joe Friedman, a Manhattan based Director of Photography with over 30 years of experience shooting documentaries, interviews, corporate assignments, reality shows, historical period pieces and assorted narrative and documentary features.

I work with production companies, independent producers, and television networks around the United States, in the UK, European Union countries and around the world.

I take particular pride in my interviews. They are beautifully framed and lit. I can use ZOOM allowing you to conduct interviews "in person" from a distant location. And, of course, in 4K. Be sure to view my 2023 Interview Reel below.

I’ve worked with people from all walks of life, from sports figures, Senators, scientists, dirt farmers, Wall Streeters, street cleaners, transsexual prostitutes and hedge fund managers. I get along with everyone.

I’ve shot all kinds of surgery, spent weeks aboard an aircraft carrier at sea, filmed grinding poverty in the Third World and babies coming into the world, one of which brought an entire operating room medical staff to tears - including me.

I'm also experienced shooting green screen and I have an assortment of muslin backdrops. I can work in any location with a very flexible lighting package.

I’m fully insured and can provide Certificates of Insurance for locations.
Feel free to contact me to chat about anything to do with your shoot.

My work has appeared on ABC/NBC/CBS, PBS, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Home Box Office, the BBC, French and German TV, and currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

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Director of Photography – Jews of the Wild West
December, 2019 — current
Feature – Electric Yolk Productions: Amanda Kinsey


I have worked with Joe Friedman on many shoots for two films, and the thought I always have each time he has set up, and I look at the monitor, is, "This man always works magic, and his lighting is like that of a Dutch Master painter." He is the salt of the earth and has an easy manner, a natural way of showing respect for and warmth to interviewees and crew, creative ideas, resourcefulness, professionalism, and a great sense of humor. What more could one want?
-- Paula J. Caplan, Producer, "Is Anybody Listening?"

Paula J Caplan

We would definitely work with Joseph again. He was extremely professional and his experience greatly helped us achieved exactly what we wanted. The final footage we got was absolutely flawless.5 stars.

Tim Nit

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