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North Hollywood, California

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I am an award-winning video editor with over 20 years of experience who works with Adobe’s Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Basic After Effects…, etc.). My experience includes Narratives, Documentaries, Promos, Trailers, Music Videos, Web Clips, Commercials, Multi-Camera shows, and Actor Reels.

Examples of my work can be found at www.oguschewitz.com

My rate is negotiable and depends on the client's needs. I am also really good at working within a production's budget.

Mark Oguschewitz

I have been in the industry since 1998.


Editor – The Dead That Live

Short Film – Mario Mabe and Mark Oguschewitz

Editor/Co-Producer – Drone

Short Film – Andronica Marquis

Editor – Medea

Short Film – Andronica Marquis

Editor – Hollywood Street

Short Film – Odera Ozoka

Editor – Liberator

Short Film – Jim Cirile and Aaron Pope

Editor – Liberator Trailer

Commercial – Jim Cirile and Aaron Pope

Editor – Liberator - Kickstarter Campaign

Other – Jim Cirile and Aaron Pope

Editor – To Your Last Death Trailer

Commercial – Jim Cirile and Tanya Klien

Editor – Showdown of the Godz

Short Film – Jim Cirile and Julien Calderbank

Editor – The Busiest Girl in the World

Short Film – Norith Soth

Editor – Little Sister

Short Film – Paul Bock

Editor – Anna's Secret

Short Film – Barbara Rothenborg

Editor – All About Lizzie

Television – John Hobson

Editor – Easy Way Out - Multiple Episodes

Online – Logan Cross and Kristina Hess

Editor – Road to Sundance

Other – Scott Feeley, Farzin Toussi and Norith Soth

Editor – Road To Sundance Trailer

Commercial – Norith Soth and Farzin Toussi

Editor – Hollywood Black Film Festival Trailer (Multiple Years)

Commercial –

Editor – Purdizzy (On Saturday)

Music Video – Liam Gowing and Mario Mabe

Editor – Wawaneesa - Multiple Commercials

Commercial – Rick Dasher

Editor – El Perro De Tu Marido

Music Video – Alan Silfen and Cameron McIntyre

Editor – Nostalgia - featuring: Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode)

Music Video – Sean Starke

Editor – Goddamn Man

Music Video – Ela Dice

Editor – Little Sister Trailer

Commercial – Paul Bock

Editor – Interview Glenn Campbell - Visual Effects Artist

Other – John Hopson

Editor – Front and Center (Video Podcast)

Online – Jacquie Jordan and Stephanie Cobian

Editor – Getaway Places

Online – Rick Dasher

Editor – Companies on the Move

Other – Rick Dasher

Editor – Travel ala Mode

Other – Rick Dasher

Editor – Ladera Physical Therapy

Commercial – Atul Sharma

Editor – BBQ w/Kieth Urban Promo

Commercial – Aaron Langer

Editor – Throttle Trailer

Commercial – Atul Sharma

Editor – Hat Man - Sizzle Reel

Other – Tom Tataranowicz

Editor – Skyriders - Reality Show Sizzle

Other – Robin Leabman and Woody Andrews

Editor – It's About Time - Sizzle

Other – Kelly Lyons

Editor – Bomb Queen - Sizzle

Other – Tom Tataranowicz

Editor – Space Command Redemptions - BluRay Extras

Other – Marc Zicree and Elaine Zicree

Editor – The Last Hit - Animatic Style Sizzle

Other – Joseph M. Armillas

Editor – A Forgotten Place - Seed and Spark Campaign - Multiple Videos

Other – Odera Ozoka

Editor – Severe Ice Racing - Racing Videos

Other – Scott Tugel

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