Mark Anthony Besozzi

Schaumburg, Illinois


About Me

”Delivering on schedule, within budget, and beyond clients’ expectations,” Mark Anthony Besozzi.


I’m Mark Anthony Besozzi. I have hands-on experience working in video production, television production, filmmaking, film production, editing, FM/AM radio, radio production, and voice-over.

Do to my comprehensive knowledge of the entertainment industry, and broadcasting field, as a “Producer,” I have the confidence, and necessary skills to supervise projects from concept stage, through development, pre-production, production, post-production, delivery, and/or distribution.

To discuss offers of work, the best method to reach me is by phone.

Mark Anthony Besozzi | Producer
Video • TV • Film • Digital • Radio
Phone: See profile for contact info.


“TheBesozzi” Podcast is about entertainment, and broadcasting. Podcast streams weekly. [Episodes are available via Podcast link.]

I produced, directed, and voiced a television commercial for an auto dealership. The spot aired on COMCAST in the Chicagoland area. [To view commercial give me a call.]

I produced, along with a colleague, the short film “In Memorium: Scenes From A Memory.” The movie will be available on VOD. [Watch the teaser trailer on YouTube via the social media link here on my profile.]

I produced, wrote, self-directed, voiced, and audio edited various commercials and imaging. [Listen to the audio via the Blog link here on my profile.]

[NOTE: The brief information provided here is only an overview of my career. For further details, I encourage you to visit my LINKEDIN profile, which also doubles as media resume. See contact details for the LinkedIn social media link.]

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