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Whether you need to announce a new product, educate your customer base, train your employees or generate more visibility on the web, professional video production sharpens and elevates your communication efforts. The benefits are intuitive, and easy to summarize:

• Moving pictures and sound communicate better than any other medium.
• People can now view your video content anywhere; tv, computer, laptop, cell phone.
• Video content conveys more than just facts and ideas. It impacts the viewer on an emotional level as well as the intellectual level.
• Video content “sticks”. A well crafted and persuasive message remains in the brain long after it is viewed. Just think of a powerful scene from a favorite tv show, movie or sporting event. Can you still “see” Martin Luther King’s famous speech? What about the dropping of the ball on New Years eve, or the closing of the Olympics? Most of us weren’t present when these events happened, but they still have become a vivid part of our memory as a result of video.

We have been producing affordable, professional video content since 1996. Our role is to be your communication partner; to provide clean, attractive content within a well defined and easy to understand budget that keeps you in control. We have produced simple marketing programs for small businesses, very large training programs for Fortune 50 companies, live event coverage, television commercials, educational documentaries for non-profit organizations, and lots of projects in between.

We will develop the formal script, schedule the talent, crew and location for capturing the footage, provide a rough cut for you to review, and then complete all final editing, sound mixing, graphics creation, titles and effects, compression and delivery to web, DVD or broadcast as required or desired for your program.

Our overriding philosophy with every project is that our job is to solve a problem for you, to help you with your career, to ensure that when we are done, you are proud of your finished video program and your decision to hire us.

If you would like to find out whether Jungle Media is the right choice for you, please give Brian Groves a call for a free consultation and estimate.

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