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About Us

Promptin' Circumstance in NYC New York not only has the greatest name in the industry (perhaps in the history of business names? -- though it's no "Hair We Are") but we also boast the best gear and the sharpest, coolest (in general and under pressure) Ops in the biz (all of whom are well compensated, so they don't show up grumpy or weird).

From gigantic corporate affairs, to hit TV shows, huuuuuge stadium filling music gigs, and interrotrons for important humanist documentaries (Heck, even down to little, yet awesome indie concerts in small venues and tiny, cramped film shoots) -- we've done every possible thing prompting related -- while experimenting and innovating with new gear.

We're happy to dole out references and show off our wares as needed. We'll even throw in a free training session with the confirmed booking of at least two days (contact us for details).

There's a reason we boast "the best teleprompting in the history of mankind.".

Seriously, that's us! Oh, you'll see! "That's how we scroll..."

We have been in the industry since 2000.

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