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About Us

Saintbear Studio™ is a Professional Music Produciton Company in Ontario, Canada that Produces Customized Original Music Compositions for Corporate Digital Media & Commercial Applications right from Score ‘Work of Art’ [Composing] to Digital Mastering & Final Recording of the Master Print on your Preferred Format. At Saintbear Studio, We Aim to Work Closely with Our Clients and their Media Team to Tailor the Best Music Creation for their Intended Application in order to help them Stay Ahead of the Competition.

Saintbear Studio™ Caters World Class Music for all categories of Businesses that Promote their Brands, Products and Services through Corporate Media, Television & Radio Advertising and Internet Marketing.

Saintbear Studiotm Creates Innovative Music for Precise Commercial & Business purposes which include;

> Music for Interactive Digital Media - Video Gaming & Simulation

> Music for Flash Movies for Web Applications

> Music for Television & Radio Commercials

> Background Music for Short Films, Documentaries, Programs & Serials

> Music for Businesses

> Product Launch Music & Presentation Music

> Music for Software - I.T Application & Digital Media

> Music for Conference or Convention

> Corporate Call Waiting Background Music

> Online Brand Advertisement Music

> Music for Brand & Product Marketing

Competitive Advantage - 9 Reasons *

Highlights ;

>> Ingenious Compositions

>> Poly-Genre Music Solutions

>> Music for A Multitude of Applications

>> Supreme Quality Music Content

>> Wide Selection of Instruments and Synthesizers

>> Flexibility of Time

>> Complete Customization

>> Cutting-Edge Sounds

>> Cost Effectual Music Solutions

>> Gracious & Professional Customer Service

The Creative Head that Produces World-Class Quality Music for Saintbear Studio tm under it's own holding is, L . A . Radiospace. A Multi-Talented Poly-Genre Music Group that made it into the 'BBC Introducing Show' for Tracks namely, Cruise, Dreamracer & Dreamin' and is now currently working on a brand new entry for 2011.

About L . A . Radiospace

A Music Group from West Midlands, United Kingdom. Highly acclaimed by BBC Radio, chosen for the 'Introducing' Show from the Best of Local Talent for 3 Poly-Genre Tracks mentioned above Aired over Six Times during the years 2007-09.
Our Projects are Infused with the Truest Intention to Produce Original & Blissful Sounds Created from Scratch, for A Wide Array of Corporate and Commercial Applications.

Our Art Work Engulfs the Entire Music Creation Package In House, which includes everything from Original Composition, Sequencing, Programming, Effects Rendering, Recording and Mixing to Final Mastering.

We have been in the industry since 2007.

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