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2570 State Road 60
Valrico, Florida 33594

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The Florida Preparatory Ballet School is a dance studio which provides superior professional training and aspires to nurture and cultivate serious and talented young dancers.

Entry is by audition only. Our classes are small and carefully planned in advance so that each student receives the personalized attention they deserve and in order to fulfill their maximum potential and to insure their artistic progress.

We want students who love to dance, and we want them to dance as often as they can and as much as they can! A hard year of constant study deserves a standing ovation and much more than just 2 minutes on stage.

Our school specializes in classical ballet technique, but our developing students also study contemporary styles and techniques such as modern, jazz, lyrical, latin jazz, and acrobatics in order to remain well-rounded and competitive. Students also study vocabulary, dance history, music knowledge, and drama. All techniques and studies which are included in their ballet program.

Our prices are determined with the best interest of your child's dance education in mind, they are low and affordable. And we understand that a progressive ballet education which includes a variety of performances and competitive dances can become expensive, so we fundraise, and we do everything in our power to make sure our students are rightfully involved.

Our top priority is your child's ballet and dance education. The goal of The Florida Preparatory Ballet School is to set the standard for dance training around the world by producing dancers whose artistic qualifications make them superior candidates for professional ballet and dance companies. The Florida Preparatory Ballet School also seeks to further and enrich the artistic life of Hillsborough County by presenting high-quality student performances for the surrounding community.

The school offers students an enriching ballet education with a carefully designed and supervised level curriculum.

Following the Vaganova Russian Ballet Technique, we seek emotional expressiveness, strictness of form, and a resolute, energentic manner of performance from each student.

Our students are taught to thoroughly master their steps and movements and are also able to explain how to perform them correctly and what it's purpose is.

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