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Why hire me? Ted Turner once said, “news is the star of CNN.” I truly believe in this statement. My 15 year trek through CNN included tours as an editor, a producer, and TV Photojournalist.
One of my adventures, CatzEye Studio, combines my skills as a broadcast journalist, my love of technology, and desire to tell a great story. Today I am a full time photojournalist, bases in Pittsburgh
Pa. However, I freelance from time to time as a Multimedia Producer and Video Editor
My Goal, is to fill the gap between broadcast video and smartphone video. For example, you shot and edit. I do this by using my 20 years experience, combined with economical equipment and understanding the needs of my clients.

Gear List:
1 Computer:
MacBook Pro 15" with Final Cut Pro Ipad with video and photo editing apps
2 Camera: Model Name: Panasonic AG-HVX200 (P2) Model Name: Canon 60 D with Magic Lantern
with Beachteck audio mixer
3 Tripod: Manfrotto 503 tripod fluidhead
4 Misc. equipment: micoiphone:shotgun
camera light wireless microphone Extra batteries LED lighting

I have been in the industry since 1994.

Rich and Famous
Added on 9/15/2015
MTV may have started music video trend. But I believe music can be used for a number of things. for example this video was used a Facebook tool to market a local bar. For me its an example of my directing skills, my lighting skills and my editing skills. As a TV photojournalist I usually work alone. I used these skills to become a one man crew on this shoot. The world is changing the days of a full crew are numbered and the days of the one man band are here. The final work done on this project was to upload it to Youtube and Facebook. The outcome? the bar increased sales and expanded its use as a local music hang out. For more of my work please visit: https://vimeo.com/damiancatanza This video was shot on a Canon 60D and edited on Final Cut Pro.

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