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I am an Iranian-Canadian freelance recording engineer and musician. I have played the piano from the early age of 5 and am now a professional musician, having composed music for films and in various genres. I am a capable music producer with years of experience in studio and field recording with proficient knowledge of Logic pro, Protools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Sonar and many other music and sound generating software. I am an expert at postproduction and score, sound effect and studio design, synthesizing and sound effect design with extensive experience in console control and both analog and digital recording in mixing and mastering. .
I am a confident and skilled live performer having mastered many a DJ set in various cities and countries. Through these experiences combined with my university education I have become professionally acquainted with the skills to set up equipment in studios and also in concert arenas.
I am a competent Mac and PC user with full knowledge of Microsoft Office and editing programs such as Photo shop and final cut.
I believe that both my skills and personal attribution suit the requirements you may seek for and that I would be a suitable edition to your team.I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss my application and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Azad Amirmoshiri

Skills :

Sound related skills:
Field recording
Postproduction & score
Sound effect design
Sound design
Mix & master
Console control
Studio design
Analog Studio recording
Digital studio recording
Live sound

Recording and postproduction related Softwares:
Logic pro
Ableton live
And many more…

Editing program:
Final cut pro

Office programs:
Microsoft Office Access
Microsoft Office Communicator
Microsoft Office Entourage
Microsoft Office Excel
Microsoft Office Outlook
Microsoft Office PowerPoint
Microsoft Office Project
Microsoft Office Publisher
Microsoft Office Word

On the 31st of October 1984, a time when the skies of Iran were filled with missiles and explosions Azad Amirmoshiri was born into a home which encouraged art and music more than any other element. At the age of 5 he played his first note on the piano and from then on began his endless and adventurous journey in the world if music.
As early as the age of 12, Azad was already taking lessons with one of the most prestigious composers in the country, Fariborz Lachini. With the help and influence of his mentor, Azad began composing whilst developing a deep understanding of music in the theoretical manner.
With the turn of the millennium, Azad moved to Vancouver, Canada where he was exposed to a whole new milieu of artistic influences and opportunities. High school provided him with the perfect platform to further explore his musical talents through a variety of music courses in which he discovered jazz and classical music.
After finishing high school at the top of his class, Azad joined Vancouver Academy of Music and after completing the 12 grades, graduated in 2006.
Having found his path in life, Azad took his passion to the next level by joining the Art Institute of Vancouver where his fascination and ultimate journey with Electronic Composition began. His alliance with the institution bestowed upon him the opportunity to obtain the fundamental skills which would later on prove pivotal to his career. Credentials such as Studio, Electronic, Field and Instrument Recording, Electronic Composing and Live Sound reinforced his professional conviction to succeed as a Sound Engineer. “Passionate”and “talented” were just some of the praises that Azad received from his instructors as they witnessed his perpetual dedication to the course and ultimately his art before awarding him with the Electronic Music Certificate in 2007. Ultimately in 2008 the countless hours spent in the studio and his insatiable infatuation with electronic music earned him the Professional Recording Arts Diploma.
Whilst studying at the Art Institute, Azad embarked on a successful and exciting career as a professional DJ, obtaining high profile residencies at the main electronic music night clubs such as Gorg O mish Afterhours, Redroom and Celebrities. Even though he did not possess any DJ equipment, he earned the attention and respect of not only music lovers but industry leaders and big players purely due to his exceptional taste in music and extraordinary spinning techniques. During these times he shared the stage with many great producers and DJs such as Sultan, Chris Lake, Cedric Gervais, Nikcy Delgado, Sage Elliot and many others.
An unexpected family related tragedy compelled Azad to return to his homeland of Iran which presented him with an unanticipated career change stirring him towards cinematic post production.
In April 2010 Azad collaborated with Pooya Abghari, a recent graduate form the University of Moscow on an independent short film by Kafka, called “The Hunger Artists”. As the sound engineer, Azad was given full jurisdiction of the sound and post production in this short film.
Azad is currently living, working and composing in Tehran while producing sound and music for independent animation projects.
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