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HMI Film Industry Lighting Rental in Fresno California and surrounding areas, and can travel further when requested.

We deliver daylight to your production shoot. With a half ton grip truck and enough positive energy to power through your day. Our grip truck can include a Dana Dolly, Oconnor Fluid head, Manfrotto tripod, Matthews 4x4 shiny boards, 2 1200 ARRI (EB) electronic ballast HMI Pars, 2 575 Mole Richardson HMI (EB), 1 ARRI 400 HMI PAR (EB), 1 Mole HMI DIgimole 200 (EB), 1 ARRI pocket par 125 (EB), Matthews Flag Kit, combo stands, C stands and gobos for all lights. Stingers, sandbags, and apple boxes. Mole Richardson Tungsten Light Kit: 1 2K open face, 1 1K Fresnel, 1 650 fresnel, 1 650 open face, 1 250 fresnel.
Photography equipment available: Elinchrom Quadra and Ranger RX Flash unit with Octa soft box and large beauty dishes. Nikon D4 and D3S, Nikon G Prime lens's: 105 F2.8, 85 F1.4, 58 F1.4, 50 F1.4, 35 F1.4, 24 F1.4, 14-24 F2.8. Pocket Wizards. Circular rotating Polarizer for almost all lens's.
Croziel rod support For DSLR cameras, Petroff follow focus. SmallHD OLED monitor, and Atomos Ninja2 recorder.

A 2014 Ford Transit connect van available.

We have been in the industry since 2006.

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