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San Diego, California

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Media Specialist/ Expert Production
My experience ranges from 3/4" U-Matic to solid state HD production. Lighting and Audio are specialties of mine and help raise the quality along with thoughtful camerawork and framing.
The similarity of modern DSLR production and film sets allows my experience to translate into today's needs. The workflow has changed, but the theories and the technique are basically the same.
I am a one man crew, or a team player; have worked large Hollywood productions and indie and pilot productions. I understand that it takes energy and patience to get the content needed. That is the nature of this business but when magic is captured it is around for the rest of humanity to enjoy.
I have worked for corporate, educational and medical media as well as Hollywood entertainment broadcast television. This wide assortment of talents I have accumulated makes me the ideal candidate to fill your needs. I welcome your questions, call or email: 760-805-2307 or michaelbast@hotmail.com

I have been in the industry since 1989.

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