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Marietta, Georgia

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3rd Generation Stuntman

5’7”/ 145 lbs /D.O.B 11/14/87 / Hair: Brown/ Eyes: Green

Height: 5,7"

Hair length: Short

Shirt: 15x 32.5

Pants: 30 x 31

Jacket: 38R or 40S

Shoes: 9 1/2


- The Collection (2011) (Stunt performer/ actor) Stunt Coordinator: Hiro Koda

-X-Men: First Class (Utility Stunts/ Coast guard MIB) Stunt Coordinator: Tom Struthers

-Fast and Furious 5 (Stunt actor/ Rio police officer) Stunt Coordinator: Mike Gunther

-Never Fail (aka, Lords of Bad Axe) (Stunt actor/ Dread Orc) Stunt Coordinator: Andy Martin

- The Candy Shop (Stunt Rigger/ Safety)

- For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf (Assistant to Coordinator)

- Hillbilly Highway (Stunt double/ Stunt actor, Driving, DEA Agent)

- Big Mommas House3 (Stunt double, Max Casella/Driving/Shot) Stunt Coordinator: Lonnie R Smith Jr

- Zombieland (Utility stunts/Attack/Promotional extras) Stunt Coordinator: G.A. Aguilar

- Ben10 (Utility Stunts/ Ratchets/Fight) Stunt coordinator: Lonnie Smith

- Disaster Movie (Utility stunts, Trample scene) Stunt Coordinator: Keith Adams

- Sex Drive (Stunt double Josh Zuckerman) Stair fall, Hits, Falls, Driving)

Stunt Coordinators: Artie Malesci / Chick Bernhard

- Bachelor Party 2 (Stunt double Robert Olmedo)/ Wire work

Stunt Coordinator: Artie Malesci

- Hoot (Utility stunts, stunt double, Cody linley/ rope work) Stunt Coordinator: Chick Bernhard

-TV: The Movie (Jet skier) Stunt Coordinator: Chick Bernhard

- Lenny the Wonder Dog (Utility stunts) Stunt Coordinator: Chick Bernhard

- Goin Green (Afghan soldier, War shoot out)


- The Walking Dead (Stunts/GTO bad guy #3, Shot gun blast to head) (Zombie/ Horse take down) Stunt Coordinator: Steve Ritzi

- Outlaw Country (Stunt double/Tackle/gun shooting) Stunt Coordinator: Ian Quinn

- Memphis Beat (Stunt actor (graffiti punk), chase, 10ft fence jumps, junk yard dogs chase) Stunt Coordinator: Buddy Joe Hooker

- Vampire Diaries (Stunt double/Floor vampire #1 fire scene/Season finale(Fire work)) Stunt Coordinator: John Copemen

- UNNATURAL HISTORY (Body double/ Motion Capture/Green screen) Stunt Coordinator: Gus Williams

- Franklin and Bash (Stunt double, Brekin Meyer) Stunt Coordinator: Scott Dale

- Teen Wolf-TV series (Stunt double, Tyler Posey) Stunt Coordinator: Gus Williams

- Life As We Know it (Utility stunts/Office attack) Stunt Coordinator: Lonnie Smith

- Vampire Diaries (Utility stunts/Car explosion) Stunt Coordinator: John Copemen

- Past Life (Utility stunts/Bus crash rider3) Stunt Coordinator: Lonnie Smith

- October Road (Foot ball hits/tackles, Fight scene)

Stunt Coordinator: Lonnie Smith

- Burn Notice Season 2 (Stunt double- Rob Benedict)

Stunt Coordinator: Artie Malesci


- Georgia Lottery Commercial, Wrong side of the fence (Wire work, Rocket man (Jet pack)).

- Georgia Lottery Commercial, Max Green (Stunt double, Granny) Stunt Coordinator: Lonnie Smith Jr


50 Pick Stunt Harness / Jerk Vest,

Car driving (Bobby Ore Motion Picture Stunt Driving Level 1),

Certified SCUBA diver, ratchets, wire work, stair falls, mini tramp,
athletic, ground pounder, dirt eater,

Fire work-

Flame retardant Underwear, Shoes, Gloves, Head sock, Racing suit

and a GREAT attitude!

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