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Need a Spanish voice over and a script translated right now?

SOUNDWAVE RIDERS is the place to go to when you need it fast. Lets face it, production today requires fast quality work at your reach at any time, and for your special projects in Spanish we are the people you need. We have worked with over 50 radio stations in the Hispanic industry over the last 13 years, but we are much more than "radio". We have also worked with Ad agencies, TV stations, production houses and independent companies providing translation, creative copy, consultation and voicing for clients all over the USA.

We have 13 years in the field with more than over 12,000 spots recorded,(not just in the U.S. But worldwide) scripted and produced. We work with you hand in hand, no matter if you are a small agency or a big name in the industry, we strive to give everyone we work with the best possible experience to help them every step of the way when it comes to getting their Spanish commercial done right.

SOUNDWAVE RIDERS has been heard from NY to LA and everywhere in between and in the top 7 radio station markets in the industry, so you know that you are getting a voice that not only is recognizable, but work that stands out in quality and consumer recognition EVERYWHERE.

We have been in the industry since 1997.

Napleton Chrysler
Added on 3/6/2011
Voice over work for Florida car dealership

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