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Vancouver, British Columbia v5t3b7

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Theta Effect is a practical effects design lab, specializing is prosthetic and character creature creations.

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Prosthetic Design, Character Make-up's, Hyper realistic Bodies and Corpses, Creature Suits, RC & Cable Controlled Animatronics, Photo-shops and Maquettes, Fabrication, Stunt and Specialty Suits, Life Casting, Props and Replicas, Features/ MOW'S/ TV, Consults and Estimates, Bondo Transfers, Breakaway items, Molds Casting, Vacuum Forming, Dental Appliance, Digital Tracking Masks

We have been in the industry since 2006.

Theta Effect Demo Reel
Added on 9/13/2020
Original Content from Theta Effect ; prosthetic and character creations. Work Designed by Tibor Farkas

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