Tom McMahon

Playa Del Rey, California

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Recognized industry expert:
- Digital television, video compression, digital cinema, computer graphics, video & film production, Blu-ray, and post production.
- Global Standards participation

Technological breakthroughs:
- Design and productization of world’s first HDTV frame buffer and computer genlock.
- Development and standardization of HDTV, D-Cinema, H.264/AVC video compression, and Blu-ray

Executive/Industry advisor and consultant:
- Cultivate meaningful and profitable relationships with CE companies, computer companies, broadcast equipment vendors, and D-Cinema proponents. (Sony, Panasonic, Philips, LG, Samsung, and Microsoft)
- Drive innovation in concert with business objectives.


Emerging Technologies:
- HDTV, Blu-ray, OLEDs, and H.264/AVC development and productization
- 3D broadcasting, 3D display and 3D acquisition

Global and Regional Standards:
- International Standards Strategy consistent with corporate business objectives.
- Bi-directional (internal corporate reporting <-> standards body position) communications.
- Intellectual property management
- Close rapport and interaction with other experts.
- International Digital, HD and 3D Television
- Digital Media Convergence
- Trade Shows and Conferences

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