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Atlanta, Georgia

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I've been working in broadcast television and industrial video production for the past fifteen years. In that time I've had the opportunity to experience and succeed in both the below-the-line logistical, operational, and financial sectors of the business as well as the above-the-line creative disciplines.

I truly enjoy working with clients to develop videos that meet their marketing, fund raising or training goals and I believe I have a gift for producing, writing and editing inspiring as well as entertaining pieces efficiently and economically.

One of my goals has been to write a feature-length film script and I've recently had the opportunity to research and develop a screenplay relating the epic story of Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul.

My present goal is to continue to grow as a producer, writer and editor by using my diverse talents and wealth of experience in either the broadcast or industrial arenas to best serve the needs of clients and employers.

Producing/Writing Documentary-Style Pieces, Interviewing, Videography, Lighting, Audio, Editing in Final Cut Pro, Creating Graphics in Photoshop, LiveType & Motion

National Arthritis Foundation Spot - Peter Jacques
Added on 9/7/2011
This video was produced to be shown on the web and at fund raising events to generate contributions to the Foundation. The video highlights the story of two people suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis; one an elderly woman afflicted since her early teens and the other a nine year old girl just beginning her journey with the disease. Their two stories are interwoven with that of a pioneering researcher funded by the Foundation investigating the disease at the genetic level in the hopes of finding a permanent cure.

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