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Pasadena, California

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I am looking for a position to utilize my experience in production and communication. I came to the Los Angeles area to find a position that will give me more responsibility and opportunity. I have a valuable background in film and news production from a variety of sources including ABC affiliate WVEC-TV. I have a Bachelors of Science in Communications with a concentration in media and minor in Business Administration. Since enrolled in Chesterfield’s Mass Communication specialty center in high school, I have been interested and involved in promotion and production. Since then I have gained work experience in filming, promotions and floor directing and have mastered audio, camera, and talents involved in being a production assistant. A position with you will give me the opportunity to apply all that I have learned as well as expand my skills.
In Virginia I have worked with two offices and three production crews. My latest position was with ABC affiliate WVEC-TV. As a quick learner I was able to surpass my peers in executing tasks within a couple months. I manned the audio booth, cameras and teleprompter. I also floor directed my crew and during our live news program. After surpassing expectations, I was able to train with the Director of Photography and Promotions Producer for the rest of my time in Virginia.
I am able to prove myself in any demanding position. I have been called into work at two in the morning numerous times to directed our talent and crew on the floor for countless hours during natural disasters. I have also been responsible for conducting meetings with top executives. With my knowledge and determination I could offer fresh and creative ideas and assistance to your team.

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