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Los Angeles, California


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I am an Affordable Film Industry Graphic Designer Professional looking for employment, who specializes in Designing Movie Posters DVD packaging which includes the DVD label, however not limited to it. I can also design postcards, business cards, letterheads, logos and Photo Retouching for models (male/female) and Actor Head shots, Electronic Press Kit (EPK) and more....

Thank you and
Best Regards,

Randy Goad

WOW!!! Randy is top notch when it comes to graphic design! I had a crazy
deadline and he embraced it with motivation and communication. I sent over a
few photos to turn into a postcard and literally within an hour was sent a
rough design that looked amazing. A few notes sessions later and over the
evening I was very pleased with his work ethic and creativity at attaining the
results I was looking for. And considering he charges less than most, he's
definitely someone I'd come to again for work done.

Eric La Barr
Split Pea Films

"With the ups and downs in my life, I can say with all certainty that great
blessings come out of the blue (usually from heaven).In this instance, my
blessing deals with photography. If you know me you'll know I HATE getting
photos touched up because if the photographer is solid and the weather
(lighting) cooperates, then you will look as you should fresh and natural
captured in that moment. When this doesn't happen, you (as I have) might need
someone great like Randy. For this photo you see, I needed a few touch ups because of bad lighting (dark/overcast day). Randy, a wonderful artist I found online, whose knack for digital touch ups are superb while not overdoing it and staying natural. He pumped up all the colors to counteract a gloomy cast, as well as cleaned up my eyes, and lightened shadowed creases across my face I went from looking vampiric (as Randy describes), to healthy, glowing and like my normal me! He's great and intuitive!"

Jane Park Smith
Ms. America 2007 to 2008

"After being invested as writer, lead actress and producer on a 2 year
production, I can tell you that choosing someone to create the artwork for my
film was a very emotional task. Who could best represent the first look anyone
would have at my film? Who could be patient enough to deal with my very
opinionated personality? Who could do the project with the kind of creativity
that I could admire? Who? Who? Well, I can tell you that I found the guy: Randy
Goad. My project, my baby, was safe in his hands. Not only will I seek to work
with him again and again, but I will recommend him to everyone I know."

Jennifer Bogush
Writer, Actress, Producer

Too seldom in business do you come across a worker like Randy. Not only were his
designs incredible and creative, but the turn-around time was unbelievably
quick. What's more, he invested a great deal of personal interest in the
project, which showed in the final product.
I could not recommend Randy's services highly enough. Hard working, visionary,
and affordable- I find no reason why I should ever turn elsewhere for any of my design needs.

Wildly satisfied customer
Mike Acosta
Film & TV Producer

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