Stuart MacDonald

Adrian, Michigan


About Me

I have 12 years experience in high-end, corporate, TV and film making at Boomerang Studios. While there I directed research, collection, acquisition, prioritization and crew assignment of multimedia and video projects. Maintained quality assurance that finished video for broadcast met NTSC standards. I also had general oversight of each step of the production process from concept development, research, writing, story board, crewing, casting, editing, and coordination to final product. I conducted review of multimedia and video products to ensure each met strategic marketing goals, objectives, themes, messages and specific deadlines for Boomerang’s clients. I was a client rep in charge of purchasing media for cable TV advertising based on marketing and demographic research from Nielsen Data to maximize CPM.

I have been in the industry since 2001.

Funny TV Commercials
Added on 6/18/2011
This is a sample of complete commercials I've made while at Boomerang Studios Video Production. The theme of each commercial was to have a viral comedic touch that would create a buzz in the community.

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