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A U.S. - San Diego based manufacturer of long distance SD and HD 1.5 to 2 miles. Wireless Video, audio, MPEG-4 diversity receiver link featuring full HD with SD in a fast auto detect mode model called the HTX627 transmitter and HDX602-1 spatial diversity receiver. Using the best most open mode, QPSK @ 8Mhz, Avalon RF's HD system has just over 1 frame of latency on the entire transmitter/receiver system, running HD 1080p/23.97Psf, 1080p/24Psf, 720p/60, 1080i/25, 1080i/30, 1080p/25Psf, and SD at 480i/30 & 576i/25 among other custom software updateable settings, no fans in the transmitter, utilizing state of the art cooling and low 11 watt power consumption on our new HTX model transmitter which takes 9-28VDC at a robust power out of a full 500mw. Light weight HDX HD models with or without AB mounts built on or even for UAV shoots at 350 grams. This system offers long distance video transmission utilizing out very popular external down converters, which attach directly to the panel or omni antennas on the COFDM receiver and allow the user to place antennas in optimum pick up area without suffering any losses due to UHF down conversion. Also for the video assist market the COFDM NTSC/PAL OTX transmitter and ODX/ OWM diversity digital receiver with 7 inch LCD color digital monitor built in and custom designed for video assist market - OWM, along with ODX receiver, OTX transmitter in 16:9 NTSC or PAL. OWM is a 7 inch LCD monitor / receiver in one with 16:9 aspect can be used with NTSC feed off an HD camera with OTX transmitter with a full digital signal from antenna to the LCD with no analog conversions. Offers a superior NTSC signal with HD aspect ratio because HD resolution is not seen until you use a 15 inch or more monitor, so why not show what the HD cameras sees inexpensively.
Avalon RF also sells our analog transmitter and diversity analog receiver line. TX and DX. Wireless MX mic pairs for one way audio. Let us know your HD needs as well, as we cater to what the video assist market is requesting in RF wireless links.

We have been in the industry since 1992.

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