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324 Harleysville Pike
Harleysville, Pennsylvania 19438


About Us

If you are a Property Master/Mistress for a film or stage production, the Barn Attic is a must see! With a veritable treasure trove of vintage and hard to find items, this one stop could make your job a lot easier. Need dog-eared sheet music (no distressing required)? How about antique tins for a period medicine cabinet? Head phones for a WW2 military radio? Pictures and artwork from many eras. Furniture too. Children’s toys, and tens of thousands more items. The Barn, with its four stories chock full of carefully organized inventory, is sure to make for an interesting and productive shopping trip.

If you are costuming a show, the entire basement houses gently used, and vintage, clothing. The collection ranges from 1930’s through present day. The vintage section has everything from daywear to cocktail to evening. Need a crazy Hawaiian print Hostess dress? We’ve got those, too. Vintage hats and accessories abound. Are you doing The Full Monty and want to outfit your cast in period late 80’s/early 90’s? C’mon in because have we got a collection for you! Are you a “hack-and-slash” costuming genius? We have an enormous selection of “if-we-took-this-off-and-moved-this-up-it-could-work-for…” clothing. With two costume designers in residence, for a fee, you can make an appointment for a consultation. After outfitting your cast, complete the look by visiting the third floor. The third floor of the Barn contains, quite possibly, the single largest collection of jewelry (antique to current) in the world! Pearls, rhinestones, colors to match, tiaras, glass beads, chains…you name it, it’s here!
Be sure to call for shop hours. Special hours by appointment only.

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