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Yuma, Arizona

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I am looking for to broaden my horizons on the video production side. I possess many skills that maybe useful to your company!

I also possess leadership skills that have helped people perform to their potential.

I look forward to discussing the position I applied for in the recent future!

Promotions/News Operations Manager
KSWT - 13 On Your Side/ (CBS Affiliate)
Yuma, Arizona – 2006 to present

Media Production & Promotions: Creative communications liaison between the promotions, production, and news departments. Coordinated promotional, publicity, and news materials, which consisted of on-air news promotions, POI/POP spots, commercial production, topicals and special segment opens

Management: Budgeting, hiring, delegating, guiding, implementing, and leading the charge in executive decision making. Creating ideas, putting plans together, and making changes to better run the department or departments.

Media Relations: Work with other media outlets to promote my station effectively: Radio, Newspaper, and Outdoor...Creating spots or artwork promoting our coverage and talent: POP's, topicals, image campaigns, etc...

Promotion and Creative Services: Create, write, implement, and design creative images for marketing the station and station events; Also, organize promotional events, casting calls, game shows, and giveaways with tireless preparation to make sure no stones are left unturned.

Traffic: Create, place, and purge, promotional traffic logs on a daily basis. Putting in the orders for dubbing, making changes to the logs, and creating contracts for tracking. Using OSI traffic system.

Directing: Direct live and taped programs: Newscasts with effective visual creativity and thorough preparedness.

Training/Scheduling: Train, hire, and schedule a production personnel staff. Who knew nothing about television from the bottom-up, and turned a production that was the worst in the market, to the best in the market. Train, teach, and educate them how television works, and hold them accountable for unwarranted mistakes during the newscast due to lack of preparedness. Trained production and newsroom staff on ENPS: newsgathering system.

Engineering/Construction: Tore down, reconstructed, painted, built and helped design, and light a news set, newsroom, and a production control room.

News Operations: Organized, promote and launch an additional hour, and a half of news, with the addition of a new news set: Planned, practiced, and implemented shots and timing of the shows.

Computer Skills (Cross platform proficient using MAC/PC systems):

• Digital Graphics: Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Live Type, Illustrator CS2, DEKO Pinnacle Systems, and Adobe CS4
• Digital Editing Skills: Avid, Stratosphere, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro, Zaxworks 3D, Edius
• Production Switcher Skills: Grass Valley DPEM switcher, Grass Valley DPEM DVE, and Ross 630 switcher, Tricaster, Ross Overdrive
• Technical Production: Executed technical functions of SP-8 Stereo Production console, during live newscasts. Operated newsroom and field video Beta SP/SX, Panasonic DVC Pro cameras for live web casts and commercial production.
• Digital video: Sony SX Betacams, DVC Pro, DVC Pro HD, JVC 3CCD studio cams, Canon DSLR


Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communications - 1999
MARSHALL UNIVERSITY, Huntington, West Virginia
Major: Radio & Broadcast Television Production


National Broadcasters Amateur Radio finalist for PSA
on Smoke Detectors (1997)

AP and Emmy Award for Back to the Beach: The Race for Daytona (2003)

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