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Hello my name is Bryan Guevara, and I am here to offer you the best craft service out there! I have 5 years of professional cooking experience along with being an active chef and caterer. With about 3 years of craft service experience I understand the importance of food on set and the quality that is to be expected.
I specialize in creating a diverse table of food to fit the needs of the entire crew. A variety of health food is always provided including: fresh fruit platters, fruit baskets, vegetable platters, along with a huge selection of dried fruits and low calorie snack items. In addition I provide a large spread of hearty snack foods and several trey passes of appetizers. I want to make sure that people with certain dietary restrictions have their needs met and that the crew is impressed every time.
I have an extremely professional attitude and I always come on set with a smile. My references will vouch for my words and more. Check out the production companies that I continue to work with, some past jobs, and of course the gallery so you know your getting quality service!!!
At SunWest Craft Services we focus on pleasing every department, agency and crew member with quality and a variety of food. We know the strain of the long day on set and know what it takes to make it much less stressful… GREAT FOOD!!!
A diverse spread with every aspect of food to choose from will be beautifully and artistically displayed all day long. Fresh fruit and snacks are rotated in a timely manor.
We know the temptations that craft service throws at you, so we make an extra effort to fill the table with organic healthy choices along with healthy tray passes. Don’t worry; we still will always have the beef jerky, candy, chips, etc. variety for the grips and electric.
Along with the amazing spread we put extra attention on our try passes. Trays will be passed every couple of hours with the right timing and a friendly smile. They will consist of healthy crudités and dips, smoothies, sandwiches, meat n‘ cheese platters, hot hand-held passes, savory fresh made appetizers, along with other passes that are only found with SunWest Craft Services. (Like my famous Bryan’s Soups and baked goods, including pastries.)
We can cover all locations and 2nd unit if needed. Also, if you need a trailer set-up with quality goodies for talent? No problem, Have a difficult rider? We will do it. If a second unit needs crafty but not the service, we will fill up some baskets. We want you to know that we are here to make everyone on the shoot happy and energized all day, so the magic can shine.
Want to start off the day with a SunWest Craft Services Breakfast? We can provide a deluxe continental, or a fresh, hot, cook-to-order breakfast. Want to have an amazing lunch that doesn’t cost the price of a truck? We can do it too. There’s a lot happening in a day of production, and we at SunWest Craft Services want to help out as much as we can.
Thank you and we appreciate the consideration. Please feel free to give us a call or email anytime.

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