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Pepe Caraballo (Badajoz, Spain 1966) is a filmmaker, writer and artist with video installations and video mapping.

He has a degree in audiovisual Communication by Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and works as a teacher in different study centres as University of Alcala de Henares, CES Felipe II University, Video Degrees CEV, School of Visual Arts, etc., and participates in panel discussions and forums on the audio visual.

He has directed and written different long documentaries internationally broadcasted on television as ‘Model forest’ (2008), ‘Guadarrama National Parc’ (2009), ‘Planet Earth’ (2011), ‘Behind the mirror’ (2014) or ‘The Tale of the Azure winged magpie’ (2014) as well as various fiction formats for television, film and advertising.

As an artist his last productions are ‘The dream’ (2014) -video-installation, ‘Poster for Mascaró’ (2013) -videowall- and ‘Psyche’ (2013) -video-installation, for Antonio Saura Foundation.

He also made stage video projection and video mapping for theatre, opera and different events as as Rafa Nadal Museum (2016), Don Juan Musical (2016), Vlad the musical (Placido Domino jr, 2019), etc.

I have been in the industry since 1990.

Documentary demo reel
Added on 9/3/2012
This is my demo reel showing some of my last documentary films (never have time to complete my demo!). It includes a publicity about fire in the forest and the dangerous work of firefighters. Hope you´ll enjoy it!

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