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I emphasize sound analysis and professionalism, solid organizational expertise, competence to implement and the ability to handle many tasks concurrently. Areas of particular skill and proficiency include—

Overview—Eighteen years of professional growth and accomplishment in the field of commercial and community television video photography, industrial/educational video photography, electronic news gathering, remote production van shoots, studio/location lighting, sound recording and production planning/support.

Formats—A superior, detailed knowledge of processes, techniques, tools, procedures and methods capable of rendering programming concepts that include interviews, talk-shows, magazine shows, political/public interest forums, corporate meetings, industrial training/public relations, promotional programs, multicultural events/recitals, sports coverage (basketball, football, track and field), variety/drama, behind-the-scenes videos, news actualities and aerial coverage (helicopter, fixed-wing).

Equipment—Video Cameras—Sony DV CAM 510, SONY Digital DVW 790WF; SONY Beta DXC with 537 back, DXC 327 docked to PANASONICS-VHS AG 7450 back, DXC 327 cabled to SONY 3/4" BVU 8800 recorder; IKEGAMI HL-79; HITACHI SK-97.
Lighting Units—KINO FLO DIVA Soft Light; ARRILIGHT fresnel 1000-watt field kit; LTM "PEPPER" fresnel 400-watt and 1000-watt field kit; LOWELL field kits ("Omni" 650-watt, "Tota" 1000-watt with umbrella, "DP" 1000-watt, "Softlight" 2000-watt; MOLE-RICHARDSON field kits "Molequartz Teenie-Mole" 650-watt, "Molequartz Mickey-Mole"
1000-watt, "Molequartz Baby Softlight" 750-watt, "Molequartz Super Softlight" 1000-watt; MOLE-RICHARDSON "HMI" fresnel 2500-watt solar arc solar spot; ANTON BAUER "Sungun Camera Light" 125-watt; PHOTOFLEX collapsible fill-in face reflector,Photoflex 300 strobe flash w/softbox-umbrella for portraits.
Audio—ELECTROSONIC wireless transmitter UH400A/receiver UCR401; ELECTROSONIC CR-185 wireless reporter, handheld transmitter cube and receiver cube units; SENNHEISER ME-80 "Shotgun" Microphone; SONY 916 handheld field microphone; SONY ECM-44B/ECM-50 lavalier microphones and CROWN "PZM" microphone.
Broadcast On-Air Playback—AIRO digital video playback server. Digital Still Cameras-Nikon D50-D60.

August 2011 to October 2011/Target/Overnight
March 2010 to August 2011
Self-employed. Engaged in freelance employment on a project-by-project basis as described below.

July 1996 to March 2010 LOS ANGELES CHANNEL 35
 Video Photographer ”LA This Week” News Show
 Video Broadcast Operator Los Angeles, California
– Served as digital server operator to load, pull-up, playback and send out prerecorded programming that appeared on City of Los Angeles's Channel 35.
– Monitored/maintained video and audio for strong signal levels. Reviewed regular log line-up and inclusion of last-minute daily updates scheduled on a shift-by-shift basis of programming that included live television shows, special events and public service announcements.
– Downloaded, loaded and timed Digi beta tape program cassettes. Ensured accuracy of digital play out server and the correctness of data it was sending. Verified perfect downlink reception from a variety of pre-selected satellite channels. Interacted closely with Channel's engineering department to restore playback, equalize signals and eliminate inadvertent/unforeseen program breakup.
– Burned DVD discs of channel shows with and without window burn for limited distribution to show directors, producers, clients and the public. Additionally, duplicated Beta tape copies for distribution to City agencies (Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department) and requesting external local broadcast television and cable channels.
– Honored by the Los Angeles Area Academy of Television Arts & Sciences with an Emmy for contributions made to the award-winning Los Angeles Cityview 35 program “L.A. Fire!: Rescue Operations” (1997)

May 1990 to July 1996 SELF-EMPLOYED
 Video Photographer/Lighting Director Hollywood, California
– Assumed a range of independent video photography duties through primary ongoing relationships with CNN and FOX 11 NEWS, Los Angeles, California (news, features, sports); LOS ANGELES CITYVIEW, Channel 35, Los Angeles, California (documentaries, PSA's); PALO HAKLAR & ASSOCIATES, Raleigh Studios, Hollywood, California (sales videos); CREATIVE MEDIA SERVICES, Bank of America Los Angeles Video Unit, Los Angeles, California (industrials, public relations); PARAGON VIDEO PRODUCTIONS, Torrance, California (sports, public service forums) and CITICABLE TELEVISION, Channel 3, Torrance, California (magazine, news, sports).
– Attended pre-production meetings and logistics planning sessions. Specialized in field camera assignments, in-studio production and advanced lighting techniques.
– Integrated high-level of experience obtained as part of production units responsible for a behind-the-scenes publicity video on the set of the CBS network drama "Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman"; ongoing coverage of political and community issues forums produced through the auspices of the CITY OF HAWTHORNE, CALIFORNIA; ongoing video magazine real estate advertising entitled "Preview of Home" produced for FRED SANDS and a public service announcement broadcast on behalf of "Food for Life" produced by Dennis Weaver.

June 1980 to December 1990 NORTHROP CORPORATION
 Video Photographer Los Angeles, California
– Employed as a video photographer assigned to the Company's in-house video and film production center. Served as video photographer for "Thunderbirds", a recruiting film starring James Stewart produced for the UNITED STATES AIR FORCE and for the Company's training film "Flight of the F-20 Tigershark" starring test pilot Chuck Yeager.
– Provided production engineering, operations assistance, audio visual support and still photography on an as-needed basis.

March 1968 to December 1972 UNITED STATES ARMY
 Motion Picture Cameraman Fort Shafter, Hawaii
– Executed a range of studio and field assignments as member of a camera team. Photographed footage for use in documentaries, training films and staff film reports. Covered war games, field medical procedures and basis/advanced skills training. Served as cameraman on the US ARMY training film "Medivac" anchored by movie star Robert Lansing.

 Undergraduate Study Only—Media Production (June 1979)

EL CAMINO COLLEGE, Torrance, California
 Associate in Arts—Photography/Television Production (June 1977)

SONY VIDEO INSTITUTE, Los Angeles, California
 Video Camera Operation
 Advanced Lighting

 Film-Making for Motion Pictures

DOD SECRET (Non-Active)

Professional References and Sample Reel Furnished Upon Request

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In the interest of investigating employment opportunities with your company, I have enclosed a copy of my résumé for your review.

I believe this material reflects my ability to deal effectively and efficiently with all levels of executive and staff personnel, clients and vendors, as well as describes a substantial number of other areas in which I have rendered skills or fulfilled obligations requiring considerable decision-making ability and practical experience.

Consistently, I have aimed my professional goals at maximizing my talents, and in so doing have successfully acquired a reputation for being an individual who is eager to pursue every aspect of the job at hand.

I would appreciate the opportunity to interview for a position so that I may personally substantiate my qualifications and discuss my skills in depth, particularly with respect as to how my talent and resources can best be applied to the maximum benefit of your organization.

Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Monte D. Duarte
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