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I'm a recent graduate of UCF with experience in architectural renderings and developing mixed reality serious games. I have a B.A. in Digital Media: Internet and Interactive Systems and I’ve interned with the Institute for Simulation Training (IST). My dream career is developing cutting edge product visualizations, including architectural renderings and simulations. I believe my technical ability, artistic ability and personality puts me above the rest of potential candidates. I’m looking for an entry level position as a 3D modeler, environmental artist, technical artist, or anything related where I can prove my worth.

During my internship with IST I embraced many roles and proved to be both an innovator and a leader. Being the self starter that I am I quickly learned the production pipeline on my own time. By taking this initiative I discovered a secondary production pipeline, one that would allow students with less programming experience the ability to manipulate the 3D world with a Flash file. I learned every aspect of the pipeline including; object oriented programming, module integration, particle emitters, lighting, motion capture, live video overlay, flash video overlay, exporting and environment layout. Even though at times I felt that tasks were over my head I never backed down and did the appropriate research to find a solution. I have the ability to break down the most complicated design into simple pseudo code, generate the code, and learn the hardware necessary to accomplish the task. I believe this talent is essential to developing games of the future.

IST tasked me to come up with solutions to real world problems that they were working on. The first task was to create a mixed reality environment that enhances physical therapy enjoyment. For this task I developed Captain Rehab’s Underwater Adventure, which took home the 1st place prize in the Arts and Humanities category for the 2009 UCF SHURE. The second task was to come up with an educational game about the everglades. For this task I developed Everglades CP, which taught about human encroachment. The final most difficult challenge was to create a mixed reality environment demonstrating live motion capture, occlusion models for physical elements, and virtual elements interacting with the physical elements. I developed Plant Invasion which accomplished this task. It educated the user about how invasive the water hyacinth is to the everglades and eradication methods for it. I gained valuable experience in development of mixed reality serious games and hope to bring this experience to your company.

Beyond graduation I have continued enhancing my modeling/texturing skills by creating architectural renderings for construction companies and draftsmen. I have a keen eye for detail and can visualize the final product before I start. I carefully plan out camera movements, color schemes, and level of detail in order to minimize production time. I always research and look for faster more efficient ways of developing these renderings. For example, before I started my first project I discovered how to create a base mesh out of the lines imported from Autocad to Maya. This allowed me to model everything exactly to scale quickly. My customer satisfaction is always highest priority.

My education, internship and work background have supplied me with both technical and soft skills that make me an ideal candidate for employment. I would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you personally about my background and answer any questions you may have.
Attached is my resume which provides additional details about my background. Thank you for your consideration.

Devin Smetzer

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