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I have a wide variety of experience from Writing, Producing, and Directing for Film, Television, and the Web. I’m certain you will receive a lot of impressive applicants for this position so let me share a couple of my accomplishments. While in college I wrote and directed a children’s short which garnered me a win at Tribeca in Spike Lee’s Babelgum Film Festival for “Mini Master Piece”. I later continued that series which was selected at the Chicago International Film Festival for its Poetry in Film section and has since won and screened at several other festivals. In the last year I have Doctored several scripts, Written and Directed several commercials, Directed my first feature film, and Produced a feature documentary due to release this year. I have coordinated with large clients such as Ford and Tapout for sponsorships, partnerships, and just as clients both domestically and internationally. I truly enjoy working in a creative environment while seeing a project go from concept to final product. I am a relentless worker who knows how to juggle many projects while keeping a cool head.

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Added on 9/27/2011
A reel with some of my most recent Directing projects.

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