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The full-service studio complex offers 10 North Carolina sound stages with 250,000 sq ft of production space. This is the largest full service motion picture facility in the United States east of California. Over its 20-year history, EUE Screen Gems Studios North Carolina has been the home to over 300 film, television and commercial productions. Wilmington has been the heart of the North Carolina film industry for over two decades. Shooting here means you get a first-class crew that lives and works locally. Our support services and Lighting & Grip Division can accommodate virtually any imaginable production efficiently and cost effectively.

Since 1985, more than 400 film, television and commercial projects have shot at the Wilmington, NC studios on the North Carolina coast. Recent television projects include “Good Behavior” for TNT and “Six” for the History Channel. “Under the Dome” for CBS, “Eastbound and Down” for HBO and “Sleepy Hollow” for Fox Television have all based production here. Film credits include “Iron Man 3” for Marvel and “The Conjuring” and “We’re the Millers” for New Line/Warner Bros.

The 50-acre, full-service studio lot offers 10 stages with 150,000 sq. ft. of column-free shooting space. Production support includes multiple mills, storage, wardrobe space, special effects water facilities, production-ready office suites and on-site lighting, electric and grip.

Two generations of world-class crew, diverse shooting locations and a 25% incentive grant program make Wilmington, NC attractive for productions of all sizes.

EUE/Screen Gems Studios is one of the largest suppliers of lighting, electric and grip (LEG) equipment in the Southeast. The on-site gear is company-owned and company-managed. The additional LEG operations in Atlanta, GA and Charleston, SC allow us to optimize a deep inventory for a large number of productions simultaneously.

Our experienced lighting and grip professionals work with productions to maximize efficiency and provide competitive pricing for on-site and location LEG packages.

The production studios are located at 1223 23rd Street North, Wilmington, NC 28405.

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