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Mariano Llosa was born and raised in Lima Peru where he started his professional training in psychology and fine arts, this background paved the way for Mariano to become a filmmaker. He went on to study at UCLA Film School where he received both his B.A. in film production and a M.F.A. in cinematography and directing.

This rich training was the starting point that launched Marianos robust carrier today. He is certified by Arriflex Co. and Eastman Kodak Co., has trained at Panavision and is an expert with both analog and digital systems. His professional experience ranges from directing for Fox Television to the cinematography of feature films, documentaries and commercials. Mariano has worked with directors as Francis Ford Coppola, cinematographers such as Conrad Hall and actors as the caliber of Anthony Hopkins. Some of his latest work includes: Elimination, The Lunar Effect, The Hit List, Still Life and Dominance & Terror: A Discussion with Noam Chomsky.

Mariano is currently collaborating as a cinematographer in a feature film Ready to Die scheduled to be released by early fall 2011.

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