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Beirut, Lebanon

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Thomas Kyriakos
phone : 00961-71185309

key grip ,Rigging Grip,dolly-crane grip,and a camera assistant, 8 years of experience in the media field ( Motion Picture & Film )
i have worked as a key grip in alot of video clips , movies and tv commercials.right now iam working as a key grip in a well known company called ( platform studios ).it is a very well know company its been a part of alot of hollywood movies such as ( the hurt locker ,transformers 2,redacted )
The Grip Department in a film or theater studio is basically a jack-of-all trades team responsible for providing the labor-intensive legwork and handiwork support for making the props, camera stands, lighting rigs, stage effects as well as securing 3rd party services like carpenters and other hands in any construction work for stage and film. All these are managed and supervised by the Key Grip or Key Boss.

production houses :

some of the production houses that i ve worked with

Independent Productions
Silk Films
IBL Films
Joy Films
Mad 4 Films
Big Kahuna Films
EFX Films
Olive Tree Productions
Third Eye Fx
city films

D.O.P 'S :

Some of the D.O.P 'S that i have worked with :

Andreas Flatland
Zafiris Epamindas
Marko Bassano
Maurizio Longhi
Sergio Jofre
Giovanni Fiore Coltellaci
Simon Sarketzis
Rutger Storm
Mounah Saliba
Tony El Khazen
Marc Karam
Toufic Tabbal
Yves Sehnaoui
Rachelle Aoun
Pierre Mouarkech
Damoun Ghaoui
Dory Aoun

Languages :

flunecy in : English

fair in : Swedish

Hobbies: Reading
Mountian climbing
New cultures

Computer Skills : Excel
Power Point
Adobe Photoshop CS

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